Lampard Should Not Have To Accept Being Asked If The Celtic Boss Will Take His Job.

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The sports press has my sympathy at times, especially during a World Cup. What do writers, who focus only on the domestic game, have to write about when there’s no domestic game on? Close and pre-season are frequently like this. But during a World Cup it’s especially crazy because even the transfer stories die down to nearly nothing.

But I have no sympathy for those who indulge in the practice of cannibalism, dining out on whatever prey seems easiest, in order to have something to write. Everton are not playing well and so their manager is always going to come under pressure.

For all that, think of how it would feel to be asked if the manager you were about to come up against was the guy in line to take your job. Neither manager will be particularly thrilled at the question, and Ange will treat it with angry contempt if he’s asked it, but Lampard should be particularly piqued, no matter where he is or who the question is coming from.

We understand why Scottish hacks would ask it; they are dying to see Ange depart this country, in the hope that Celtic would disintegrate into a mess.

The English media has always enjoyed watching managers lose their heads, it’s a blood sport they frequently indulge in when it comes, for example, to the national coach.

But this feels low even for them, and the query is an insult to both men. It presumes that Lampard won’t get time to turn things around and that Ange would be willing to stab us, and him, in the back.

Some are writing about this because they have nothing better to focus on. Others are doing it just to make mischief, and we know who they are. Neither party looks particularly good here. It’s just plain wrong. It’s the last thing Lampard should have been asked, and the last thing he should be expected to answer. I’m certain the Celtic boss will agree.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I always had respect for Lampard as a player. He was a phenomenal player and professional. As a manager, I have less respect. He tried to fast-track his way to the big time (same as what Gerrard tried). As a fan of Everton, I was less than thrilled when he got the job. He should have been binned at the end of last season when Everton were, one again, involved in a relegation dogfight. Do the owners of that club never learn? Clearly not as this season’s for has shown.

    But this article is 100% spot on. Lampard should not have to deal with this claptrap. He’s surely got enough in the bank to have these idiots cut him slack. Again, clearly not.

    I am not in the slightest bit concerned about Ange. Even if he did want to move on, Everton? Wow. No way! He’d be on a plane back to Oz before the season was out.

  • John Copeland says:

    What about the ,the Rangers accounts ? During a quiet time of domestic stoppage ,the scoops could forensically dissect the yearly mismanagement figures ,like they do for all the senior Scottish clubs ! Maybe the succulent lamb on the menu would be too tough to chew and swallow ! Next years numbers will be like venison…….

  • Kevin says:

    I understand that you need advertising to make a living But I have tried to read this article on my iPhone 12 and on the 5”screen I have 3.5” of advertisements and when I click to get rid of them they just take over the page You ask me to to allow cookies so you can collect information about me and then you send me add’s for Iceland air I have never been to Iceland and have no intention of ever going there

  • Martin says:

    I’m no Lampard fan, always rubbed me up the wrong way. However what sort of degenerate do you have to be to ask a question like that? Disgraceful behaviour. The sports media in the UK is lower than a snake’s belly.

  • Bigmick says:

    I want to hear the question asked, and being answered with a ferocious response that utterly shames the asker.
    Whoever it is deserves to be shredded and publicly humiliated.

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