Lazy And Desperate Hacks Rush To Link Celtic Boss To The Latest English Managerial Post.

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The news about Southampton sacking their manager has barely broken and the hacks up here already know that Ange Postecoglou is being discussed in their boardroom as a possible replacement. Really?

The people who didn’t know Rangers was collapsing until bits of it started hitting them on the head only took ten years to get this smart?

That’s one way of looking at it. Another way would be to look at the league table, recognise that the worst thing about it, from their point of view, is that this a story which could go on and on and on and you see the reasons why they might be afraid.

The hacks would love to see Ange walk out on Celtic.

They would love to see our club upended at this particular moment in time, when it’s the lot across the city who are floundering and deep in crisis. What a change in their fortunes it would bring.

And it is not going to happen. Southampton will have ideas about where they want to go next, and those ideas will not revolve around Scotland. Ange has his ideas about where he wants to go next, and that’s back into the Champions League.

He will not entertain the idea of a move to England when there is a very big job still to do right here.

I am fairly sure that these idiots in our media know this stuff already, so all they are really doing today is tormenting that handful of their readers who are still clutching at straws.

But deep down, most of them know full well that things are bad for their favourite club and liable to get worse whilst at Celtic there is peace and calm in the air.

Ange is not going to Southampton. It’s doubtful that he’s even on their list of options. There are a few out of work bosses down there who stand a good chance of getting that gig, and that’s before they even cast their eyes abroad.

This isn’t even mischief making.

It’s a combination of fantasising, bitterness and laziness.

We have the worst sports media in the world.

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  • BJM says:

    Off topic, unless my eyes are deceiving me Kenny Clark is one of the VAR for the sevco v mini huns on Wednesday.
    Kenny f*k*n Clark the man who openly boasted on the after dinner speech circuit of blatantly giving decisions against Celtic .
    What f*k*n next Hugh bigot Dallas, maybe even dig up tiny Wharton (big Masonic cheat.)

  • John Copeland says:

    The only way big Ange will go to Southampton, is to sail to New York on holiday ,…………

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    ‘We have the worst sports media in the world.’

    That’s 100% TRUE and shall probably remain so until I’m away in a puff of smoke fae the crematorium.

    HH Mr Forest CFC?

  • Martin says:

    2 main reasons Ange isn’t going to Southampton. Champions League and Steven Gerrard.

    1. CL: both in terms of us being there next season and his record in it this season putting some off.

    2. Gerrard. Hailed as a triumphant conqueror he swooped down to England from the league they all criticicise and acorn, and he was a total dud. No EPL team is going to look here for a manager anytime soon. And so much the better for us.

  • SSMPM says:

    I’m not so sure; I think the scummers will consider Ange particularly because they’ll think we’ve been a Scottish selling club so why not again, but I do agree that Ange will remain the Celtic manager to continue the project, why lower your standards.

    Can’t say that I think Hasenhuttl, despite his connections, or the scouse lying no mark or Beale will be the new ranker’s manager either, unless that is their board promise lots of millions to chuck their new club into further financial jeopardy as they haven’t done for GVB. These guys aren’t able to develop bang average ten bob players, so they’ll have to spend to improve

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Utter tripe. Its just exactly like them tae flaunt some non – credible dirge regarding our team, manager, club, or even support for that matter, when things are goin bad over there. Never fails. Every single time it goes t**s up for ibrox, they’ll create some sort of negativity or speculation regardin Celtic. They’re an absolute predictable joke of a media. Said it loads of times, in Scotland all these, especially DR goons, jackson, young, mccarthy, berry etc ; know they can get away with their continual ridiculous views and articles, because apart from blogs like this, they go unchallenged. If they tried it somewhere like England, they would be challenged big time. Arses on a plate and they know it.

  • Tam black says:

    That’s the thing with the Scots media it’s full of buns especially the daily.ranger the bun the mirror Scotsmen I have never forgotten how jingle jangle got a doing outside the Broomfield for mouthing off that he was going to buy celtic and close them down that was in 1994 and some rags will still not employ catholics the Sunday Post is one of them

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