Nobody At Celtic Will Be Panicking Over Ibrox’s Latest Crazy Management Decision.

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There have been few periods in our recent history when being a Celtic fan has been so relaxed as it is right now. The club is on a better footing than it has been on in years.

Things are ticking along at Celtic Park quite nicely at the moment.

There is a certain security to be had in this calm. We know that our destiny is in our own hands. We know that if we just keep on doing what we’re doing that nobody in Scotland will touch us. We are focussed on more distant horizons too, of course, but we recognise that this is the bread and butter stuff, this is the day job, this is what truly matters.

Here, in this position of being Scotland’s dominant club, we can only blow it up for ourselves. No matter what some in the media might tell themselves, no matter what the hordes of Ibrox might think, that is the simple truth of the matter.

Today the Usual Suspects of Sevconia are talking all the usual supremacist bull. They talk of how one man can “close the gap”, but that gap is a chasm and it isn’t restricted merely to what our club can put out on the park. There is chaos behind the scenes at Ibrox, genuine chaos, and that won’t be fixed by re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Celtic will have looked at the circumstances surrounding Van Bronckhorst’s departure with wry amusement. Nobody inside Parkhead will have been followed by their little charade and the talk of “shortlists”. Partly because we’ve played the same game.

But mostly, people inside Celtic Park know that even if Beale was the coach that some of them believe him to be that “catching up” still requires, in a very real sense, that we make a mess of the position we’re currently in. As long as we do our jobs, what they do over there is largely irrelevant, and right now we’re performing very well indeed.

Our directors also know that this is a huge error that Ibrox has made here, throwing a rookie into the battle with Ange Postecoglou, the very worst guy to put an untested manager up against.

They know Beale’s record, both under Gerrard and out on his own at QPR, wholly uninspiring, and that there are real doubts about him not just amongst some of the Sevco fans but in the media … and in the Ibrox boardroom as well, which nobody wants to discuss.

Nobody at Celtic is altering the plan and wondering how we’ll cope.

We’re progressing as we were before, and we’re daring them to try to. Far from causing sleepless nights amongst our directors this will have them snoring loudly and dreaming deeply.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

There is nothing to scare us in this appointment.

You never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Why would Celtic be worried? To make it a headline on here is to concede that some would say we should be worried. Fuck that. It’s all bluster and no substance. Let’s see what he can do in a few weeks before we play them at Ibrox. That game is all I’m concerned about in the short term as far as he’s concerned. Other than that, fuck him and fuck his smelly football team.

  • bertie basset says:

    He has the refs on his side , and he didn’t have that luxury in england , forget that not , slippy and he were found out soon afterwards , and so will he again second time round !!


    I’ve a question for you James. Have you ever actually tried
    to read one of your own blogs since you moved to the new digital platform?
    I only ask because to me, and probably a few more readers, it’s a frocking nightmare.
    I read the Blog on an iPad so I pity any one trying it on a smartphone.
    It’s a game of, not so much Thrones, as pass the Parcel of Ads. They obliterate the text. NON STOP.
    I couldn’t count the number of comments that I’ve discarded because of the interiorise, that was your predictive text translating and correcting interuptions.
    Any attempt to type more than 2/3 lines is doomed to extensive time wasting revision with the accompanying risk of losing everything when one of the ads decides to do its thing of flipping pages.
    Get it sorted.

    • Martin says:

      Aye you’re quite right here, I’m nearly at the stage of giving up because of the ever increasing ads. And when you scroll down to the comments they just get kicked further as the ads multiply exponentially. Not to mention the video of Neil Lennon’s press conference that keeps popping up and covering the content.

  • Mark b says:

    The one thing we have to fear is complacency. Articles like this don’t help. How do we know it’s a bad appointment, no one knows yet. All I know is last time he was here they were able to find a way to beat us at will and easily too. We have a better team and manager… they have a worse squad so he has a tough job on his hands. But we need to stay focussed and avoid complacency, including assumptions about whether this is a good or bad appointment. They assumed Ange was a panic appointment for us and look how that turned out !!!!

  • S Thomas says:

    Beale is a very good coach, but being a very good coach, and a manager is a different ball-game completely. I predict it will be closer to a 20 point title win, than a 9 point cushion. We should be focusing on the job at hand, it don’t matter what goes on anywere else, in the grand scheme of things. We are getting our transfer business in nice and early again, which has to be applauded. What’s in my head is performing better in the champions league next season, as I fancy us to win the treble this season.

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