The BBC Has Basically Allowed Souness To Tell A Blatant Lie About Celtic’s Season.

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Thank you to Joe McHugh of VideoCelts for bringing to my attention a story that otherwise would have passed me by.

Earlier today I wrote about Souness and his contention that Ibrox can still mount a real challenge for this title. He’s essentially right, but where he sounds like an idiot, where so many others do, is to think that what their club does actually matters.

It only matters what we do. We have the nine point lead. It’s ours to lose.

Yet Souness has come up with a bizarre theory as to why we’re nine points clear, and it’s one that is grossly at odds with truth and fact and reality. Yet he was allowed to propagate this “theory” on the radio without anybody bothering to challenge it.

He claims that had certain VAR decisions gone against us – which he says went in our favour – that the league table might look different. He was not asked to defend that claim by citing a single example. Everyone who heard it must have known that he was talking utter bollocks. Why did none of them bother to put him on the spot?

What is it with the BBC? Is the sports desk staffed by gutless wonders or does Souness still hold some dark fascination for them? How can a guy who more and more sounds like someone whose marbles are slipping command such respect that he basically tell an outright lie, and which all in the room would have known was a lie, and get away with it?

The Scottish Sun, which reported these idiotic remarks, reckons that Souness’ comments are “fascinating.” They aren’t. They are nonsensical. They are garbage. They are factually incorrect and biased to a fare thee well. The Sun is allowed to ignore that and that newspaper is a rag with a very shaky relationship with truth and fact anyway.

But the national broadcaster should not be allowing someone to lie on its airwaves, not unchallenged, not without consequence. How many times must we go over this? Their reason for existing is to deliver an unspun version of events, and instead the place is filled to the rafters with people who have connections to one club.

Souness has spent the past two months making wild, aggressive, un-necessary statements against our club. This is not a secret, every single one of us has written about it. The BBC basically brought him on and gave him their megaphone to do it, and this is the result.

I am absolutely through with the national broadcaster. The license fee is going to go, for sure, and then we’ll no longer have to pay for that joke of an organisation. I personally will hold Sports Scotland partially responsible for that.

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  • John Copeland says:

    Why can’t we the public ,who in effect pay the wages of these biased presenters ,guests ,pals ,of the BBC , demand an end to the disgraceful comments ,stories ,fabrications ,by the Scottish BBC ? Although technically we are not shareholders ,we are licence fee holders and thus pay for all of the partial , biased garbage ! It’s time for strongly worded e mails and letters to the head bummers of the BBC ,as they work for us remember! It’s our money …..

  • Geoff says:

    Not just him.
    Anyone we have played against is allowed to say things went against them or they deserved something out of the game or we were so unlucky as our tactics were great.
    Usually with a 20:1 ratio on attempts at goal and 11 men around the box.
    No one ever asks a very pertinent question?
    How do you justify that?
    Like Sourness today.
    Misspelling deliberate.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Scotlands sevco media shame a shower of gutless imposters . Souness the donald trump of football. Dundee hamilton song anyone ?

  • Phelim Grehan says:

    Var EBT var EBT no difference both used by the SFA to try cheat Celtic

  • Gerry Graham says:

    Stopped paying for a Tv License years ago..I wouldn’t give those hun Ba—urds any more of my cash..And every other Hoops fan should do the same..Give these rancid parasites NOTHING

  • Tracey Cummings says:

    I heard this today and was shouting at the radio and thinking the same thing – what decisions ???

  • Timber Tim says:

    Nothing more than a ‘dug whistle’ to the men in black at Hampden.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Dont pay liscence I havent since coming back 5 years ago, and that halfwit souness has showed how much he actually knows or cares about football here as even the thickest of orcs knows this is bs!! But to be allowed to spout it is pathetic and syaphyantic from McIntyre tho no suprise there eh! Souness has shown like the hoards of mordor that he really doesnt give a f$$k tho as I said over on video Celts why should he as the oldco fans didnt either when they let that poison die!! Which was nice!??

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Urrgh ?? Was emojis laughing ones!!

  • Tam says:

    To stop paying the license fee you would have to vote conservative they want to get rid of the BBC I don’t. I suggest contact BBC headquarters and tell them you are “not” happy with BBC Scotland and are willing to stop paying for the license they “will” investigate if enough of us say the same thing

    • S Thomas says:

      It’s not the bbc as a whole I’m against, as I like there programmes in England, it’s the garbage programmes in Scotland I think are pish, with jokes who call themselves presenters. Programmes like Question Time, and Strictly are great. I would boycott and BBC Scotland programmes.

      • Johnny Green says:

        Really, pro-English BBC and anti-Scottish BBC. spoken like a true hun Sean…and as usual, riddled with grammatical errors.

  • Effarr says:

    I heard one on Radio Snyde today making a comment which, I assumed, would be about Celtic and VAR. I only heard it while streaming through the car radio. He stated that “it is all swings and roundabouts really”. I thought VAR was introduced to eliminate
    their swings and roundabouts, so he was in effect admitting VAR wasn`t the answer but was too thick to realise what he was saying.

    On the other hand, maybe the discussion was about Keevins` forecasts.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Of course the DR using it now. Incredible although no entirely surprisin, none of the media here challenged him about this. They’ll grasp at any reason tae try and undermine our hold over their favourites and souness has given them one, complete and utter shite as it is, they’ll go with it.

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    The Donald Trump of football!!
    Perfect description of this royalty ring licker.

    Cmon kids! Get that dodgy syrup attached to a pic of that hun prick and post as soon as please

  • Frankie says:

    Yosser sourness, makes yosser hughes look like a lecturer, all the young people will possibly not remember him in boys from the black stuff.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The only comment not slagging off Souness or the BBC, S Thomas, go figure.

  • bertie basset says:

    the men in black know they did their bit , now permness is being rolled out to support them and the narrative to take the heat off , celtic must step in here and take this var and those implementing their bias by the scruffy neck and give it a good shaking , otherwise they will be emboldened by what they see as no sanctions to their actions , and continue where they left off at the resumption of the league , you can expect penalties given against celtic with minutes to go as they ” Adjust their tactics ” with no time to recover and robbing us of points

  • Mr Ian Costello says:

    It’s No Secret The Hun Is A Rag That Spreads SH?TE Just Have To Go Back To Hillsborough
    ~ Lest We Forget ~
    As For The bbc I Haven’t Watched That Biased Bigoted Channel For Years.


  • Bob (original) says:

    That’s all that Souness has left: making controversial comments to get the publicity.

    Sad to see: we should really pity him,

    …if Souness wasn’t such an insufferable, arrogant twat. 🙂

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