The Celtic Boss Is Working Strategically, Not Playing Whack-A-Mole With His Signings.

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There was a question on one of the other Celtic sites earlier asking whether or not Ange has decided that the best form of attack is defence. It’s an interesting question, and it comes from the fact that we’re prioritising signings at the back for January.

But at least one of those signings appears to be the result of an internal decision to let Juranovic talk to other clubs in the summer. The other may be a response to how difficult it may prove to be to keep Moritz Jenz, provided the club even wants to try.

Celtic’s transfer strategy is actually more strategic than it’s ever been.

It is a proactive rather than a reactive strategy.

We’re not playing whack-a-mole here and trying to plug holes as they appear. Last January we strengthened the side in a way that acknowledged that key players would be leaving in the summer.

This January, we’re doing the same.

The thing is, the team will be stronger for the work we’re doing both in the here and now and in the future. It is the best way we’ve done business in a long time, and I am astounded that after years of complaining about it that it took the appointment of a guy many of us had never heard of, and who had never managed in the UK, to put this policy in place.

I do think it is interesting that we’re looking at defenders rather than players in other areas of the pitch, but I wonder if this isn’t a reaction to the Champions League as much as anything else. It’s obvious that the club is happy with our attacking options and that they can propel us to the title … but we’ve lost a lot of daft goals recently.

This is a manager who recognises where tweaks have to be made and does it. He is quite brilliant at spotting the areas where we need to tighten up a bit, and moving in that direction.

This is not a guy who is just going to sign players in order to have more warm bodies available … this is a deep thinker and he works both strategically and tactically … it’s the best method I’ve seen a Celtic boss adopt in my lifetime.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Of course, Ange should be seeing that the defence needs improving it’s not rocket science and most of us recognise that fact. I just wish Ange had seen it sooner and acted on it before entering the CL games. Still, better late than never, but it doesn’t make him the genius that you are suggesting James.

  • Benjamin says:

    It’s great to see Celtic planning ahead. Whether this is Ange, Lawwell Jr, or our new CEO, this is the sort of strategic planning that has been sorely lacking since Fergus left the club.

    With Juranovic, I do think this is a case of (potentially) selling at the right time. He’s 27 years old coming off both Champions League and the World Cup. His market value will not grow what it will be in January.

    In terms of Jenz, I wonder how much of this is Ange worrying about being able to keep him and how much is Ange thinking he can get a better player and/or better value for the money. He’s been a decent player, but it’s not obvious that he should be in the starting lineup when Starfeldt is fit. The fee to make his move permanent is awfully large for a player that isn’t going to be an automatic 1st choice CB.

    • Martin says:

      JJ is a good player but this year is absolutely the right time to sell, from a business perspective. No regrets, a good deal for all parties. Nicely done.

      Jenz isn’t someone who consistently replaces Starfelt. And he’s relatively expensive for us. If we signed him I’d have been happy enough, but it probably makes more sense to see if we can get better for less money elsewhere. Again, good wishes and thanks very much approach.

      But we need a 1st choice keeper to replace Hart within 18 months (maybe it’s Siegrist, who knows?) and a goal machine. Otherwise we’re doing nothing in Europe next season.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Starfeldt is not good enough, Jenz is just okay and our two vertically challenged LB’s are also pretty run of the mill. We need to strengthen the defence for our next European campaign, that is obvious.

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