The Celtic Manager’s Angriest Comment Yesterday Was The One The Press Explored Least.

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When Ange stood in front of the media yesterday he was a proud man, but one burning with frustration at what he had again witnessed from our referees. The decision to award Dundee Utd a penalty is a scandal. He was astounded by it.

His post-match comments revealed this plainly. The media has reported that he criticised VAR, that he said that it eats too much into the game, and that the technology is now over-ruling refs. All of this, he clearly did say. But he said more than that.

The part which stood out to me is the part the media cares about least.

Speaking about why he had taken Bernabei off at half time, he made it clear that he believed his player was in danger of being sent off. Not because of something that he had done wrong but because it was clear that the officials would look for any excuse.

It was his next remarks that fascinated me.

“It seems like any time the ball touches your hand in the box – apart from when you are playing Hearts away – it’s a penalty,” Ange said.

Apart from when you – that is we – are playing Hearts away. A double standard. Two different outcomes involving the same official.

Mark my words, Ange knows what this is now alright. He has been here long enough to see that we are refereed to another standard entirely. His comments yesterday were not just about the technology but about how it is used, but most notably, about who is using it.

The smell of something rotten wafts off this stuff already, and for the second time since it was implemented we saw Nick Walsh involved in a ridiculous decision which went against us. It would take a very daft manager not to spot that pattern … and Ange is not one of those.

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  • Steve Boland says:

    This was a serious and properly merited escalation by Ange, James. The evidence from your own blog and others shows that this was all predicted before the Hearts game.

    Incredibly, there still hasn’t been a live televised VAR SPFL game featuring the 10 year old club from Govan. That comes today, after 2 weeks of us being the flak jacket to VAR’s grenade.

    It is impossible to escape the conclusion that VAR’s hasty introduction 2 weeks ago was timed to coincide with 2 live TV games for us before any for the 2012s.

    I hope Ange keeps calling this out. And I hope the Celtic board back him to the hilt on this, publicly and every single time it happens.

    Now let’s see what happens in Perth today, shall we?


  • Frankie says:

    Totally agree James I thought everything to do with our refereeing system should be professional, it’s way below even amateurish what a laughing stock

  • Charlie Dornan says:

    Ange is on the Ball,alright & the Hacks ,and more especially the Referees,now know it…It is up to the Board now to Back the Manager & Issue a Complaint to the Authorities…We al, know that they won’t,Alas…

  • Charlie Dornan says:

    Well said,Ange…Hope the Board back you to the Hilt here,& Issue a formal Complaint to the Authorities..I won’t hold My Breath on that happening,though….To the Refs : BIG ANGE HAS YOU ALL WELL SUSSED OUT NOWN !!???

  • Michael McCann says:

    One word: Litigation. Up to the Celtic Board to commence against a number of bodies. Tens of millions and a title are at stake. This bias credit need to be brought down

  • Peterbrady says:

    So true all the support must e-mail the club to tell the board to step up we will not tolerate this corruption anymore also how long till Ange and all the players get scunnerred with this and walk away

  • Tam says:

    Ange is correct that’s why the SMSM haven’t challenged him. And the SFA/SPFL haven’t charged him for questioning referees . Other managers such as Jim Goodwin should use this as a right to appeal

  • SSMPM says:

    The introduction of VAR in Scotland is a grave error of judgement from a Celtic perspective and Celts’ naivety that agreed with its implementation in Scotland whilst under this lodge run country.
    It was only ever going to be used against us by the orange hand and its foot soldier refs. Another tool to be utilised to question any offensive success by Celtic and to interpret any potential defensive actions against us.
    I hope those Celtic advocators of using VAR in Scotland are proud of their naivety. This is a Scotland that’s purpose is the promotion of Scottish orangeness. I expect much enjoyment was had by the burning of Catholic effigies this weekend

    • Alan Orderley says:

      Let’s face it VAR is here to help SEVCO win the league or for any other team to be awarded a penalty against Celtic ,Scottish Football Referees are a laughing stock with their bigotry.Celtic got their 1st penalty last week for a team that plays attacking football, SEVCO get a penalty at least every 2nd game.

  • Steviebhoy says:

    If you think it’s bad now, just wait till we play the tribute act at their midden

  • Roonsa says:

    I think a Fear and Loating is coming right up.


  • Bhoy4life says:

    I read somewhere that Walsh has awarded 17 pens in the last 21 hames he has ref’d the Newco?
    If thats a true fact, that stands alone as needing investigated.

  • Alan Orderley says:

    Most Scottish Referees are from the Lanarkshire Area where the lamp posts are painted red white and blue ..only saying

  • John S says:

    BBC Scotland ignored the booking in their highlights and did not discuss it in their after-match commentary. Why cut this ?

  • bertiebasset says:

    the ref today knew the game was up , he was under the spotlight , on any other day tav would have a spotter or two , he’s done his stint for sevco , it’s that smarmy little sh!t welsh who needs never ref a celtic game ever again

  • Alan Orderley says:

    Their should be a public enquiry as people are paying decent money to go and watch a game of football ,not for referees who blatantly cheat why is this never brought up on the TV pundits

  • Alan Orderley says:

    Clear cut penalty last night against SEVCO yet the same thing happened against Bernebai guess what penalty yet last night another shocker from VAR officials total bigots why is the SFA not doing anything about this……IS it because they are upto their necks in this . It’s time for the newspapers to start acting on this.

  • Alan Orderley says:

    Why is the SFA letting these bigoted referees referee in any leagues they should be ashamed as the fans are paying decent money every week to watch their teams.

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