The Latest Stupid Story Linking The Celtic Boss To Another Club Popped Up Today.

Image for The Latest Stupid Story Linking The Celtic Boss To Another Club Popped Up Today.

At the time of writing this, the latest club to be linked with Ange Postecoglou still has a manager.

He is in trouble, but then a lot of managers are.

I said in my piece last night that there is something unseemly about all the talk in the papers of who might succeed Van Bronckhorst; the same applies to the guy in question here, Frank Lampard, at Everton.

Bad enough to link Ange with clubs who don’t have bosses, but it’s damned ridiculous to have him linked with a job when the manager is still in place. Even if the job was one he’d be interested in, Ange would be offended by the suggestion.

Not that anyone will put it to him. The media won’t have Ange in front of them until the Australia tour, and so doubtless they see this as a free hit. It’s ring-and-run. It’s gutless.

And it is laughable that they would expect anyone to take it seriously.

International breaks always throw up this kind of nonsense. It’s as if the media gets fevered at having nothing real to write, but it’s not as if there aren’t major stories in the game here at the moment.

I’ll be writing about two of them – involving the hacks favourite club – in the course of the day.

The press would rather ignore those though.

There’s the ongoing issue with VAR.

They could be writing about that, and talking about how it works in other countries.

The distinct absence of “teething problems.” People might not agree with every decision, but I wonder if one club, anywhere else, is so consistently screwed over by the bad calls. That’s a story. If they wanted to write it.

But instead they want to drop hints about nonsense like this, to create something where there is nothing.

To invent news rather than reporting it. It is shameful.

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  • John Copeland says:

    You’ll notice that it is a’could move ‘,for Ange story ! Could ,might , maybe ,if ,but , possible ,looking at ! It’s all an artifice to take the spotlight off a certain clumpany sailing very close to the rocks . Ange is just getting started at Celtic FC ! The SMSM know he is way ahead of the game and will stop at nothing to try and dislodge him ! (Sorry ,bad taste in word there ) .You get my drift…….


    Shirley SMSM is 4 words. ( as opposed tae backwurdz ).

  • RAB says:

    It’s typical of the Scottish media when it comes to the mighty celtic

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