The Record’s Piece On Beale’s Training Session Is Embarrassing Pro-Ibrox Fanboy Guff.

Image for The Record’s Piece On Beale’s Training Session Is Embarrassing Pro-Ibrox Fanboy Guff.

In a crowded field, The Daily Record might just have turned in the worst article of 2022 tonight, a gushing piece of sycophantic fan-boy trash on Beale’s “impact” on the players under his charge, focussing on a Ryan Kent “goal” in a training session.

I am not joking. Reading is believing. So please, read.

“With new boss Beale at the centre of the Auchenhowie training pitch, Kent plays a series of one-twos with the final ball from Morelos before he lashes the ball into the top corner to roars of approval from coaches and team-mates with a roar of “Right there, that’s it”.”

This nonsensical guff continues, in even more hopeful language.

“Kent has been a shadow of the player who played such a key role in winning the title in 2021 and has been bracketed with Morelos given they are both in the final six months of their Ibrox deals. It remains to be seen whether Beale’s arrival will help them recapture their best or extend their stay in Govan beyond this season but it’s unlikely to do the pair any harm … Beale’s style is crisper, faster – more direct. Not that we should be surprised as that’s the way the team played under Gerrard and Beale before their exit to Aston Villa.”

Honestly, that’s brutal even by the standards of that rag.

That allegedly superior style delivered a single trophy in nine efforts, and that trophy secured in a season in front of empty stands, when every club in the land was in radical downsizing and we were collapsing in instalments.

By the time they left their lead was a mere four points after we’d dropped ten in the first seven games. They were out of the Champions League, and floundering in the Europa.

The team they built was then swiftly, and brutally, eliminated from the League Cup, playing, one would presume, the style they had become accustomed to. It was Van Bronckhorst, for all his sins, who actually steadied the ship and put them on a winning run.

The Beale love-in is now in full tilt. We have a fortnight of this garbage still to come, prior to the recommencement of the domestic campaign. That’s the moment when the wheels come off the wagon, when the coach and horses becomes a pumpkin and scampering mice. When the fantasy ends and reality hits them right between the eyes.

Oh boy, I’m looking forward to it already.

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  • Fat8mike says:

    Cream rises, shit sinks. Looking forward to the fanboys come the summer

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye he’s only been in the door 10 minutes. We knew this gushin tripe was comin tho, it’s a routine they don’t and never will learn from, especially the DR. And if he doesna produce, he’ll find out like the rest of them, just how quick the witch hunt starts from the very same people.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    …….their social media callin their ‘new style of football’ beale ball now. Haven’t even played a game yet, incredible !!

  • SSMPM says:

    Beale ball, that’s an original wind up fae the midden munching serial losers and their comic mags. Won’t stop us, sticks and pricks and aw that. We’ll just keep on going on, never stopping, not even looking back in the distance for Mick or his brother Ian. We’ll be celebrating early this season, oh yeh, toasting Big Ange and the Bhoys title win by Easter. God is truly great. Then perhaps we can start looking for a new name for the low life hun nomark’s new particular style of kick baw; mibbies it’ll be bubble bursting bawbag beale or a more seasonally suited big egg beale. All suggestions are welcome. Make mine a treble.

  • Effarr says:

    What about Bealeing Ball, or, to use the local jargon, Beelin` Fitba`?

  • Tony Miller says:

    The new Rangers have the builders in moving the dugout to the stand as that’s where Beale will spend most of his time.

  • Iain Wood says:

    We actually dropped ELEVEN points in our first seven games last season not ten. We won 3, drew 1 and lost 3, thus acquiring 10 points out of a possible 21 and dropping eleven!!

  • Tony B says:

    Bealerbaw just about sums it up.

    What a bunch of FANNIES!

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