The Return Of Dembele: Is It Feasible And Should Celtic Make Their Move For Him?

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One of the best internet suggestions of recent days is that Celtic should make their move to re-sign Moussa Dembele, essentially bringing back to Parkhead the same way we got him in the first place, on freedom of contract. I do like the idea.

Earlier on, I wrote about the debate over whether or not we should move for a striker in January. It won’t be Dembele, not unless we’re willing to pay a big fee. But we could move for him on a pre-contract and tie him up for the summer.

Think of the excitement that would generate, right?

The question is, would the move even be feasible? I have to say probably not, because he’ll want big money and he’ll have clubs willing to give it to him. I think he’s easily good enough to play in one of the Big Five leagues, and I suspect there will be a queue of clubs around the block for the player.

There is one advantage we would have if we decided to go for it. We’re Celtic, and he has a wonderful relationship with the fans. Does Moussa think he has unfinished business here? Maybe he does, and that could very well swing it for us.

And that’s really what it would come down to, that and Celtic being willing to play the card. That’s where I think the idea falls short.

I think we’ve probably got our plans already in place and as amazing at it would be – a box office signing for sure – I wonder if it wouldn’t be anything more than a vanity exercise, for all his talent, for all his skill, and for what he did for us in the past.

We’ve moved on. We’re a different club now.

As I said with the McLean piece, we have more imagination than that.

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  • Lanarkbhoy says:

    Another piece of fantasy. If he had unfinished business he could maybe, just maybe, have stayed longer and shown a desire to finish it. We’ve had enough two season badge kissers.

    • peter cassidy says:

      load of rubbish he will be offered around 100.000 plus a week as there is no transfer fee to pay just paper talk. i see the bigots parted company with van the man how many its that since it was formed must be double figures .

  • Pat McDaid says:

    As in all walks of life it is never the same when someone does come back. As you say “we have moved on” and so has he.

  • Tony B says:

    Moussa was the last real hunskelper at Celtic.

  • John S says:

    Forward looking only.
    Elsewhere, please boycott viewing the World Cup unless one accepts that Homosexuals, Jews and Infidels are unwelcome.

  • Martin says:

    Dembele has moved on from us and would be a bad move career wise for him (unless he inexplicably found himself clubless and in the wilderness). It would be a bad move for us because bringing players back rarely works. Is he even an Angeball player? Only players Ange wants, in my view.

    We could do with someone who knows where the net is like him, though.

    I’d like to echo John S’s comments on the world cup. If you have any shred of decency and compassion for your fellow human this farce must be boycotted and condemned.

  • Johnny Green says:

    He has no unfinished business at Celtic Park and he will never be back, it’s just a daft notion with no substance to it. You should know better than that James.

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