The SFA Has Quietly Dispatched Another Compliance Officer. Celtic Must Be Concerned.

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The SFA picked last week to announce that we’ve got a new Compliance Officer. The last one was rumoured to be a member of an Ibrox supporters bus, so nobody at all was in any way sad to see the back of him. Even if the rumours weren’t true, the governing body allows so many things to pass which it never should that you wouldn’t be surprised.

This club of ours knows that the whole thing stinks. We’ve complained about referees and we’ve now complained about the implementation of VAR. How many compliance officers are the SFA going to go through before they realise that there are systemic issues there which cannot be resolved simply by shuffling the pack every once in a while?

The system is chaotic. It is anarchic. Too many reforms are required before anyone on our side of the lines can be convinced that the system works right, and this constant churn shows that it still doesn’t. The SFA is a law unto itself.

This club of ours does things in a measured and professional way. But we inhabit a game which is run by cowards and men best characterised by an extreme lack of vision. This sport needs leadership of a sort that they cannot provide; this has been known to us a long time, and we’ve been very lucky that we’ve stayed good enough to keep ahead of the consequences.

But Celtic has to be concerned by the nature of the SFA operation, and the way that organisation is always in reactive mode. Perhaps it’s better for us in some ways that they are; can you imagine what a pro-active organisation might come up with?

Still, another compliance officer swans into the building, another appointment that few of the clubs vetted far less got a vote on. This is how the governing body works, replacing one faceless nobody with another, without us ever finding out who they are.

Yes, Celtic must be concerned. We all should be.

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  • Seppington says:

    The SFA needs a complete clear-out and totally reformed. Fresh thinking by smart, dynamic people instead of the usual jobs-for-the-boys comfy blazer brigade that have led our game to the metaphorical bones of it’s arse. Where once our clubs stood shoulder to shoulder in terms of quality they’ve sat on their arses watching as the English grew their game into the ridiculous behemoth it is today whilst our game has fallen into comparative penury. A useless disgrace of an “organisation” (pfft) that should be overthrown immediately but of course won’t be because the hun-lovin’ bowling club committee types that run our diddy clubs see the possibility of SFA sinecures down the line and don’t want to rock the gravy boat. This is the same in our politics…as usual, unionists ruin everything everywhere they go….

  • SSMPM says:

    FIFA was allowed to act with impunity for zonks. It took a criminal investigation to enable change and transparency. SNP?

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Seppington, you’ve summed things up perfectly, Those type of people have held Scotland back for years in so many ways. Unfortunatley the jobs for the boys brigade still rule in so many sections of our society.

    • Magua says:

      Not so much ‘jobs for the boys’, Michael, as jobs for those ‘On The Square’, who also happens to display a fondness for the 2nd Ibrox club.

      Hail Hail.

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