Those Calling Celtic “Average” Are Hilarious Since Their Club Is Nine Points Behind Us.

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After we left Australia without winning either game, the Usual Suspects in La La Land started up the chorus of “Celtic are a bang average team.” That always makes me laugh.

How much reality do you have to ignore to see it that way?

If we’re a bang average team, what does it say of our closest rivals, nine points behind us, whose fans are the ones pushing this dire line? Today Tom English referred to SPL points as “low hanging fruit.”

What does it say for a club that can’t even grab them regularly?

This tendency to talk down Scottish football at every opportunity is never present, you’ll notice, when the Ibrox club is playing well. The assertion that Celtic is “average” when it storms past sides here with regularity is nonsense.

Our European results might not have creditable but the performances were and everyone watching them knows it.

You get tired of this, but it’s hard to deny that there is something funny about it too. When these people talk down our game or slag our club they do so trying to convince themselves that their own side is a sleeping continental giant.

Understanding how their minds work has never been easy for me. I don’t even honesty try that much anymore. But I do know that this is insults them without doing us the least damage. They can play down our dominance with this stuff but not change it, and in trying to devalue it they are admitting that they are less than average.

What’s that word we use for that here? Oh yes, it begins with an S and ends in an E.

Which just about sums them up.

Remind me whenever they call us average that it’s them saying it, and not us.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Remember when Super Swallee & Sparky Hately led the line fur the Oldco tae that GLORIOUS Champions League Semi Final bak in ’93?? Of course it wiz NUTHIN of the sort having finished 2nd in a group! Despite that they dressed it up as a Semi defeat & blatantly CHEATED by those Nasty Froggies but STILL ending up buying Big Basil Fawlty fae them! Bak then we were allowed 7k in the Broomloan & coz they wur winning everything they Didny give a Fuk!! Fast Forward tae the Millennium & despite EBT’s we’ve still won 16 oot the last 21 titles but we’re BANG AVERAGE & oor allocation cut tae 800!! Sevco Logic is unique, when ur PISH ur opponents are BANG AVERAGE.. When ur winning thru Bribery & Corruption ur ‘World Class’ I really hope they bring in MARTINJAIL altho am no sure ma sides can take it!

  • Tony B says:

    If Celtic is “bang average” that must make the huns bang SHITE.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The best description for the huns is second best……it will always be that way from now on. They will always be in our rear mirror.

  • Paddy O'Doors says:

    Do you mean it rhymes with “Shiny n’ Bright”?

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    These halfwits still think they are oldco ! You know as in expected to win trophies!! But in reality they win a ghost season when they have everything going for them and cheated on covid rules and got a hand with us playing catch up not to mention lawell and desmond giving them confidence in keeping a total amateur in our dugout! And that should never be forgotten or forgiven!! To listen to your typical hun you think you were in the heart of the cheating years of early 90s!! Players bought on the never never for a bank willing to go above and beyond!! Disgusting really with a club with no real fanbase as was shown in their time of need! Fact! And no value out of ” brigadoon Scotland” This new club has been our play thing since 2016! And they know it! Smashed them up and down the place 5! 4! 3! Goal hammering only when lennon disgracefully got the job did any game even become close! The reality is st johnstone are better off in trophies and they way they tried to make a scotish cup win relevant told you how pathetic they are and in need of relevance and validation! Give them none james stop even writing these tyoe of articles man!! The hun is a weirdo creature we know!! Best ignored ! Dealt with plenty now I treat them with utter contempt you should try it my friend

  • peter cassidy says:

    the bigots have had over 10 managers/coaches since they where formed in 2012 rinsed over 100 million pounds trying to catch celtic now again looking for new man as van could not suss ange out.

  • Peterbrady says:

    James sevco are not our rivals FACT sevcos rivals are st miren Motherwell st Johnstone even bigger clubs dons Hibs dirty fearts are beyond the filth all the reports on the disgrace that is SSM start by mentioning the biggest club in the land were 9 points above sevco it is of no relevance that’s there biggest problem not the poison of there staunchess the fact they are a new club/team and not the dead club/team and until they acknowledged this FACT it’s what will always kill them long may it continue HAIL! HAIL!

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