Why We Should All Revel In Kris Boyd’s Furious Reaction To Celtic’s Champions League “Story”.

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Oh the Village Idiot is raging today. Spewing.

There is something hilarious in his response to the way we’ve reaction to our Champions League defeats, and the way Ange refuses to be downhearted.

We all know that Boyd is incapable of responding with any measure of impartiality or objectivity, but the last few days have been OTT even by his rock bottom standards. In light of the criticism his favourite club is taking he has responded with a rising irrational anger which risks, at any moment, boiling over into outright raving, complete with foaming at the mouth.

Nearly everything that has come out of his mouth has frothed with insanity, from the snark that his club lasted longer than ours did in Europe (a fact but a pitiful one to offer in mitigation, so eye-rolling and embarrassing I am astonished even he thought it worthy of deployment) to his rant in the press which is getting all the ink today, barely a reasonable word has been uttered.

Let’s take his raving nonsense about our performance being “just as bad.” I’m afraid that’s easy to debunk. We have two points for a start, and only one team at a time can hold the “honour” of being the worst team ever to compete in the Group Stages and it ain’t us.

“Fair play to Celtic for trying to portray the narrative this was a hard luck story. They are very good at having everybody believe they have been hard done by in Europe,” he wrote, bitterness seeping out of every single word.

There is no point in any neutral reading a word this guy allegedly writes – as bad as it is I still think it’s too much for his feeble brain to turn out columns with any regularity. Even if all he does is speak into a mobile phone and record his ramblings for someone else to turn into articles, at the centre of them is always the same black hole.

He is literally fuming that we have controlled this narrative by refusing to panic, by stating the simple facts, by not pretending we’re better than we are. The fans are on board with the process, and I think that’s what angers him most. How he would have loved to be part of a media scrum tearing strips off Ange whilst the Celtic fans essentially agreed.

None of that happened. Our manager refused to be dispirited. Our players kept their heads up. The fans spoke of their understanding of the process … I like to think that’s a sign of how smart we’ve all gotten about this stuff now. The club is a calm place.

But first, they believed their own nonsense about how their side was now amongst the European elite and so their catastrophic campaign has come as a legitimate shock to them. Secondly, it has destabilised their whole club and they don’t know how to react to it.

More than anything, Celtic’s response is so measured that it has genuinely unsettled them and that was always going to land most heavily on a bigoted cretin like Boyd, who can barely utter coherent sentences in the first place and is now reduced to this.

That sound you hear coming out of his mouth is the squeak of fear.

We should all be laughing at him.

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  • Sheila Millar says:

    Great article Celtic fans know we are a work in process

  • John S says:

    Just surprised Kris Boyd can put a whole sentence together.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Rangers played on Tuesday we played on Wednesday, so even that argument that they were in Europe longer than us can be dismissed.

  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    Our game was a rubber duck Robert…they no laughing had beat Ajax 5.0 were going into eufa draw.

  • Fat8mike says:

    Every serious (and I use that term loosely) pundit that took in a celtic game in Europe this year was impressed, but all said the same thing, they’ll need time to impose themselves at this level but they’ll give anybody in this competition a game.. Steve mcmannaman, Joe Cole, rio ferdinand, Michael owen. Neutrals can see it for what it is, a bold, inexperienced team that will grow into this level

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