After A Long Career, Celtic’s Aussie Bhoy Might Be On The Brink Of His Crowning Glory.

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When Aaron Mooy moved to China, aged 30, he would have been forgiven for thinking that the best years of his career were behind him.

He would have been on good money there, perhaps even life-changing money. But footballers, all of them, dream of glory. Mooy may have thought it had come and gone. I strongly suspect that he was wrong about that.

The move that might have revived his hopes of a fantastic capstone on his great career was the one that brought Ange Postecoglou to Celtic.

Mooy is a favourite of his from way back.

When I heard that we were planning to sign him I was delighted, because the boss would have brought him to Celtic at once had his club not, then, wanted £3 million.

That’s a lot of money. Too much money. Ange was right to wait. And in waiting, he got his man. Mooy took time to settle in.

Now that he has you can see that we’ve gotten a player of quality here, a man with a great footballing brain capable of playing several different roles. You have to love that, and he might just be the right guy at the right time.

Because with his experience and cool head, he might be decisive for us in what’s left of this campaign. He is a clear candidate to start at the weekend; I think the manager will certainly have to give that consideration.

I don’t think a lot of our fans realised how good this guy was until the World Cup, although he had shown signs before then of what Ange brought him here for.

But it was on that stage, in a position we’ve not used him in, where he truly shone and demonstrated all his skills. That has won him the most important thing short of support from the boss; that of the stands.

With that confidence behind him, he is growing in stature and what a time for his brilliance to start to emerge. If he starts at the weekend he could run the show and fans who were worried about that prospect just a month or so ago would give it their full-throated support.

It is always great when a new hero emerges, and especially when they emerge in an unlikely form. I am thrilled that he’s getting this recognition. I would be even happier if he, and Celtic, got the rewards that his talent deserves.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    The icing on the cake now for him would be that he scores against the klan klub and it turns out to be the winning goal,though I would still take a 4 or 5nil victory.

  • Martin.H says:

    A Scottish cup medal, from the oldest cup competition on the planet?

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