Alan Hutton’s “Close The Gap On Celtic” Fantasy Is Brilliant For Its Sheer Idiocy.

Image for Alan Hutton’s “Close The Gap On Celtic” Fantasy Is Brilliant For Its Sheer Idiocy.

Nothing amuses me more, at times, than a piece of Ibrox feel-good fluff making its way to the papers, and Alan Hutton is capable of brilliance in that area.

Tonight is no exception, with his wonderful suggestion that if The Mooch gets money for signings in January that this might be enough to convince Morelos and Kent to stay after all.

“I think it definitely helps,” he said. “For any player joining any team you want to be part of something. You want a vision and a plan moving forward … It is a big opportunity for Beale to put his stamp on the squad. Hopefully in January he does get backed because he needs players through the door that can help bridge that gap.”

This is the purest kind of nonsense.

The sight of other players rolling up to Ibrox might make these guys forget that their careers and earnings at stagnating at that club?

They might be so impressed by The Mooch’s grand master plan that they might sign on for five more years of it? What planet does this guy live on that he believes this when even their own board has admitted defeat?

The Mooch does not have magical powers. He cannot make bad players into good ones or make players who want to leave the club suddenly want to stay. Both Morelos and Kent have mentally checked out already.

They want more money than the club can provide and both know that this is their last big chance to get maximum value for their skills.

The Ibrox club is not going to keep them, no matter what it does in the January window.

The best thing it could do, in fact, is sell them to the highest bidder, whatever the size of that bid might be because their effectiveness will lessen the closer they come to have no protection from serious injury.

These players aren’t daft, even if Alan Hutton is.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Kent tae Gillingham, El Truffalo tae Bogata Jnrs, baith fur £25M, that’s Sevco jargon which in real terms is Fuk Aw!! Muttons the Thickest ae the lot & that’s no MEAN FEAT!!

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    Alan. These are small and those are far away!

    Man is a fuckwit!

    Even clouds point at him and say “look, that one’s shaped like an idiot “.

  • peter cassidy says:

    hunton does talk pish he also cant string a stright sentence together.fatso and multi stepover are off either jan or summer bigots wont pay the wages these 2 want .

  • Seppington says:

    I think Hutton, you dribbling klown, that it’s far more likely that Kunt and Morenoless will look at the kind of “loyalty” their new manager has shown to his previous club and be wary that he’ll do the same again at his new klub thus leaving them up keech creek without a paddle if they sign on again at that midden. That’s not even taking into conideration James’ points about their careers and wages stagnating at Ayebrokes…not that they will ever get a better financial deal elsewhere than they’ve gotten from the klowns of the hun boardroom!

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