Andy Walker Demands More From Celtic Winger. Presumably Becoming Ryan Kent.

Image for Andy Walker Demands More From Celtic Winger. Presumably Becoming Ryan Kent.

Andy Walker wants to see more from Jota.

Like maybe becoming more like Ryan Kent.

If Walker does not have The Trailer Park Serial Killer up on his wall then I’m frankly astonished because to listen to him on the Aberdeen-Ibrox commentary the other night you would have thought that he was starting his own cult.

At the same time, Walker is having a dig at Jota for not giving enough to our team at the moment.

In the same week. Which is absolutely astonishing to me.

Jota is ten times the player Kent is and even on a bad day makes a bigger contribution to this team than Kent has managed for their club this whole season long so far. Kent has become like a parody of himself, and Walker’s slobbering the other night started to move from the realm of commentary into the kind of gushing fan-boy obsession Eminem wrote Stan about.

“You’re just looking for a bit more from Jota. Everyone knows he’s capable of it. He’s got a better end product than he’s giving at the moment,” Walker said of Jota.

“At Pittodrie he had a couple of attempts at goal that weren’t his best and you can hear the frustration in Ange Postecoglou’s voice when he talks about the team not being at their best, a lot of balls going into the box and no-one on the end of them. That is a big feature of their play. Whether it’s down the right or left, that wide player has to get in. If it’s coming down the right with Abada, Jota has to try and get on the end of things.”

There are people who are eminently qualified to say stuff like that, and a lot of commentators who might agree. But if you think that Ryan Kent had a brilliant game in midweek (and in the game before that) then you aren’t one of those people.

Jota would walk into that team. Kent would not get onto our subs bench.

Critiquing Jota on its own is not a hanging offence, but you really ought not to be trying it when the ex-Liverpool thug with the thousand yard stare and a basement full of bones is the apple of your eye.

You just sound ridiculous.

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  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Indeed, if Jota and Kent were on the same side, Kent would have a hell of a lot of spare time to brush up on his banjo skills.

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