Ange Dismissal Of Celtic’s League Lead Shows Him At His Ruthless Best.

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The spikiest moment of Ange Postecoglou’s after-match presser was when some clown asked him about the nine point lead over our rivals. Ange wasn’t in the least bit interested in us retaining that advantage.

He wanted to talk about the performance.

“That is irrelevant to what we want to be and the way we want to play,” he said, making it brutally plain to the players that he wants to see performances first and foremost.

If the performances are right, we don’t have to worry about the points.

“It’s just we want to play our football a certain way and we can’t go away from that,” he said. “Ultimately we’ve won another game of football and what we need to do is make sure that we keep doing that on the back of strong performances.”

On the back of strong performances.

This is a manager who will not hide behind positive results when he has serious issues with how the team is producing them. We have standards to maintain and he isn’t going to let anyone fall below them.

This is why he’s also talking about changes for St Johnstone at the weekend, on the back of the win last night. He isn’t looking, first and foremost, at the league table. He simply wants the principles that he tried to instil in this team to be followed.

Because if we get that right we’ll just keep on piling up the victories and if we’re piling up the victories this run will go on and on.

Ange is a good man. Ange is a great man manager.

But this man has not gotten here on the back of walking softly.

He carries the big stick too, and what he was telling people during that interview was that he will use it to club some backsides. Reluctantly, perhaps, because we’re still winning, but resolutely too because it needs to be done.

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