In Less Than A Fortnight Hostilities Will Recommence And Celtic Is Ready.

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In less than two weeks we’ll be talking about the Real Football again.

Not that the World Cup has not been interesting and fun. We’ve been kept well entertained and the exploits of the Celtic players have made sure that we’re had someone to cheer for, other than just the teams playing England. Tomorrow Juranovic and Maeda go head to head, in what will be an excellent spectacle. But it’s not the real thing.

The real thing, for all of us, is Celtic and by God we’re ready to reconvene. The team will be going into the next set of games knowing that they just have to keep on winning, that reinforcements are coming in January, that a team which is already strong is going to get stronger still. The pressure is all across the other side of town.

There’s a friendly to play before then, which is next Saturday in Portugal. Which is the same day as the England-France World Cup quarter final. That sounds like a day in the pub if ever there was one, right? I know which game is the most important to me.

All I can hope for, all we can all hope for, is that we get no injuries and everyone makes it back in good nick for the next phase of the campaign, which starts a week later at half past 12 in Aberdeen. Not the place you want to go to after a lengthy break, but we go where we must knowing that a win there knocks another big obstacle out of the way.

In the meantime, the transfer business continues apace even as we’re getting ready for the games. Bear in mind ,we’re stuck with the present squad for the first fortnight after the games kick off again.

By the time 1 January comes, who knows what other positions we’ll have added depth and quality in. It’s an exciting time.

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