McCann Has Some Brass Neck Talking About Ex Players With Their “Celtic Hats” On.

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In one of his shows, Dave Chappelle told a story about a time someone said something so bigoted to him that his reaction was not anger but actually head bursting amazement that left him gobsmacked and too stunned to think of anything other than “God that was racist.”

I understand that sort of “did you actually just say that?” shock more today than I did yesterday and I have Neil McCann to thank for that after someone brought up to me that I had missed one of his comments whilst on SevcoTV the other day.

“What did he say?” I asked, never expecting to be surprised by it.

“He said something about ex-players in the media going on about the league race with their ‘Celtic hats on’,” the guy told me, and my reaction was that same stunned incomprehension as Chappelle must have felt; that feeling where you are half sure that you’ve misheard that but also that deeper knowledge that you haven’t at all, that the guy really is that bitter.

So I found the clip and watched it for myself, and sure enough it’s exactly what he did say. The comment also made a couple of the papers; I found that trying to Google for the clip.

This is the transcript of what came out of his mouth.

“Although it’s nine points in the league, I still believe it’s do-able. I find it strange because I’ve heard other guys who have played the game, whether they’ve got their Celtic hat on or whatever, on different media platforms, and they say the league is done.”

Unbelievable, right?

First, it’s a totally nonsensical statement because I’ve actually heard more than a few ex-Ibrox players say the same thing, including Kris Boyd. Secondly, Neil McCann, of all people, banging on about people in the media saying things with their club hats on … that’s preposterous, because this guy is actually little more than a shill for Ibrox, paid by someone else.

The Record, where that transcript is from, actually then quoted his “fellow pundit” who happened to be Alan Hutton, as if these guys were on a neutral platform instead of talking on the club’s own in-house TV channel.

He agreed. Which of course he would.

The thing is, these guys are frequently on the BBC as well, and I have never heard either of them utter one word that was not distilled through an Ibrox sieve. They don’t so much wear their “Ibrox hats” as they do the full regalia of strip, kit, sash and brown brogues.

What balls to come out with something like that.

If I hadn’t heard it for myself I still might not believe he had the brass neck to say it.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Does it really matter? Ex players from both sides will always be biased in favour of their old clubs, that is just a fact. Some of course are worse than others and there seem to be a lot more soup takers within our ranks than theirs. Well, I suppose they don’t really need to do that, do they? However, it’s not a shock even coming from a shameless jump the dyke.

  • J martin says:

    McCann is a dirty turncoat , his family disowned him , what does that tell you . Feckin BIGOT qnd I am being nice .

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Utterly failed and couldnae buy a fkn win as Dundee manager. Now he’s on Clyde, as well as any other radio or tv outlets he can get on to, givin his ‘expert’ analyst opinion. Brassneck a foot thick.

  • Jack says:

    Well said BBC are the worst for new co cheerleaders Amy mac Donald’s husband is them and us it was worst before old co where liquidated was brown brogues only on BBC new co haven’t the standing old co had no catholic policy still goes among applications for jobs players side had to change not by sfa but by eufa and fifa but you can bet there ain’t one rc catholic on the ground staff books board or management just like our pm and royalty where’s the human rights in the UK we still live in the dark ages and always will

  • Suspicousmind says:

    Standing room only for huns at the BBC et al. Managerial has beens or just has beens. Incompetent no marks with football analysis no better than a drunken biased Sevco fan on any given night of the week.

  • Martin.H says:

    I’ve never heard any former celtic players say the league is over, but quite a few former ibrox players said it, but for some reason since beale has taken over it seems to have changed.

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