Barry Ferguson Is Slating Ibrox, But Did Celtic Miss Out On Ex-Aberdeen Midfielder?

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Barry Ferguson is slating Ibrox this week over the failure of the club there to make a move for Lewis Ferguson when they had the chance.

For once I actually agree with him. For them it was an enormous oversight. He’d have gone there in a second and with his natural talent he would have anchored that midfield of theirs for 10 years or more.

I always liked him, and rated him. I thought that once upon a time we would have moved for him. But with the family history, he would have been a much better signing for the club across the city and I was always glad that they never pursued it.

It’s genuinely baffling to me why they never did, and ever since I started writing about the number of Scottish football players we sign I had included him in my list of footballers who we should give strong consideration to grabbing.

I think he would have been a great player in the Hoops, although perhaps not quite good enough to get in the current side.

Still, if Ange had inherited him I think he’d have turned him into a proper star, a dynamic box-to-box player who would have scored goals and performed a good role as a playmaker.

He has that great technical skill-set, and that’s why he’s hitting it off in Italy.

I’m really surprised at the way Scottish players are heading out for Serie A.

They have twigged that there are really good technical footballers over here and that’s both good for the game and bad news for us. We’ve already see Aaron Hickey turn down a possible move to Parkhead to pursue a move there, and I can’t argue that it worked out for him.

It has worked out for Ferguson too, although I imagine rumours connecting him to Juventus are well wide of the mark.

Nevertheless, as Ferguson was lambasting Ibrox for letting him slip away, I wondered if perhaps the same criticism can’t be levelled at us, although not quite to the same extent. I genuinely think it would have been a no brainer for them to have gone after him. Last season he scored 16 times for Aberdeen, and he was only 22.

Thankfully, they preferred the likes of Aaron Ramsey on an expensive loan.

They area absolute mugs over there.

Ross Wilson should have been sacked for a failure like that.

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  • Seppington says:

    “Ross Wilson should have been sacked for a failure like that.”

    I’ve never seen “applauded” spelled “s-a-c-k-e-d” before. Of course, we’re the ones applauding him…the fud.

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