Callum’s Return For Celtic Today Is The Best News We Could Have Had For Christmas.

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At the time of writing this, it’s half time in the bounce game with Rennes and we’re 4-3 down. We were 4-1 down at one point and The Daily Record was sharpening its pencils for a series of stories on how the Celtic operation was starting to come apart.

I’m not terribly bothered about what happens in the game (O’Riley has two goals and Kyogo has one haha) except for one name on the team-sheet; Callum McGregor, who started the match and is now presumably fit again well ahead of expectations.

I think that’s the best news that Celtic fans could have had this close to Christmas.

As well as the team has been doing, nobody can doubt that we’d be doing a hell of a lot better with the captain in the team. His presence lets other players have more freedom; O’Riley in particular is allowed to get further forward, and as with today he gets goals.

We all prefer the balance of the midfield with McGregor, O’Riley and Hatate in it.

That’s our best team, that’s our best combination.

Whatever else we’re doing in the transfer market I think that might remain our best midfield three.

Callum is a proper warrior to be back in the side as swiftly as this.

He proved it earlier in the year when he wore a face mask for a while after suffering a fractured cheekbone. He seems to defy medical science sometimes, and although I hope we didn’t rush him back or anything he obviously feels good and is raring to go.

All of us are raring to go now.

The last four weeks have been long, even with the Aussie friendlies, even with the World Cup, and we’re now just a week away to being back watching Celtic again. It cannot come quickly enough, and especially now that the captain is fit and bursting to get back out there in competitive fixtures.

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