Celtic Bhoy One Of The World Cup Heroes As Croatia Put The Brazilians Out.

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And the Croats go marching on! Juranovic goes marching on! The semi-final beckons for a team who just do not know – and will not accept – when they are beat. At the centre of their performance was Juranovic, growing in stature with every game.

I thought he was absolutely magnificent tonight. I thought the whole Croatian defence and midfield stood up brilliantly against one of the best attacking teams in the world. The longer the game went on the more you saw the upset coming. When they clawed their way back into it with the equaliser I knew they would win the penalty kicks.

They are a well organised team, one that will give anyone trouble because they are hard to break down. Juranovic, though, rose above even the rest of the disciplined defensive unit tonight, so far above them that the Brazilians, who had started the game throwing everything down the right, changed their approach entirely.

One of the first players to be sacrificed with Vinícius Junior, who didn’t get a look in the whole time he was on the park. Juranovic kept him quiet, and when he went off the whole plan changed. They started playing most of their hopeful football down the left. The player, Rodrigo, who came on for the Real Madrid striker stopped trying to beat him when he did have the ball, and started pinging crosses into the box a lot earlier.

That’s how good he was; he rendered Brazil’s early game-plan virtually ineffective.

The commentators raved about his performance, and no wonder. He now gets to strut his stuff in a World Cup semi-final. We will never get a better platform on which to advertise this guy if we’ve already made the critical decision to sell him.

Juranovic was worth more than the paltry sums being bandied about today before that performance. God knows what he’s worth having kept quiet some exceptional talent. That was as good a game as I’ve witnessed him have, and it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t in a Celtic shirt but in the colours of his national team; I’m damned proud.

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  • Tony B says:

    Too right. Jura is a diamond and it should take a HUGE bid for us to let him go.

    Talking about a minimum of £30 million.

  • Martin says:

    What a find he was and what a price we got him for. I’d love to keep him. However if he wants away and someone wants to pay… We should allow him. He’s never caused problems and never spoke out against the club.

    But boy are those clubs going to have to pay. World Cup semi finalist? Played well consistently for club and country? Ended vinicius junior’s World Cup early in shame? £30 million and a sell on clause or don’t even bother picking up the phone.

  • harold shand says:

    Cammy Bell and wee Hugh on SSB still saying £10m

    F*cking spewing

    • Roonsa says:

      Cammy and Hugh

      AKA Arse and Elbow

    • Tony B says:

      Auld Spew has probably shat his adult nappy again. He knows Juranovic is worth more than the entire squad buildings and holdings at the new zombie klub.

      The Scoddish meedja are shitting themselves about how good this current Celtic squad is.

  • S Thomas says:

    Best player on the pitch.. class act. Energy up and down the pitch, was absolutely brilliant. Croatia are a very tough side to beat.

  • Nick66 says:

    He got rave reviews from the BBC pundits – easy to see not BBC Scotland pundits – and quite rightly so. There is talent in that Croatian squad and JJ excelled today. His value in our squad is second to none, his value in selling price has rocketed. Just happy to see him do so well. Don’t forget Borna’s there too, supporting from his skelf filled arse on the bench.

  • Ryan Ellis says:

    Klinsmann sounded like he was going to pop the question to Juranovic, such was his adoration! LOL

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