Celtic Fans Are Being Told To “Move On” As The VAR Scandal Continues To Deepen.

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On Thursday night, we saw the latest diabolical officiating decision in Scotland when Hibs were denied a stonewall penalty at Ibrox.

Make no mistake about it, that decision had an impact on the outcome. Had Hibs got it and scored they’d have been 3-1 up and the Ibrox club would almost certainly have been heading for dropped points.

That VAR wasn’t even used to determine the incident is the shadiest part of this.

It was clearly an incident which required a second look, and that none of the officials – either on the pitch or in the TV room – thought it merited one is disgusting.

Des Roache and a group of his colleagues watched the same thing and all thought it was a spot kick.

At the same time, Celtic fans were being told, on national radio the other day, that we have to “move on” and get past our own issues with the way the technology has been used. Everyone knows this stinks.

Even Barry Ferguson used his newspaper column to criticise the Ibrox decision and compared it with the one given against Celtic against Hearts … he called for consistency, but I’m sure he knows as well as we do that constituency isn’t the issue.

All these decisions have leaned towards Ibrox.

It doesn’t matter that our team has been good enough to ride out the effects of those which have fallen directly against us; the pattern is all too obvious to anyone who looks at it.

Decisions for which there is no justification going against us. Decisions for which there is no justification being awarded for them. It doesn’t take a genius to recognise the consistency we are getting.

I am sick of us being accused of paranoia even as we are piling another piece of evidence on the table. If VAR is “working as intended” then that’s an admission that something rotten is going on here and it will continue to as long as the same people are making these decisions.

We have officials who are either corrupt or incompetent, but if its incompetence it really does have a bizarre slant to it and I don’t believe it for one minute.

The gutless hacks who squeal that we should “move on” are as desperate for us to let them off the hook as the SFA wishes we would.

Because if the media was as damning of the officials as they ought to be and asking the questions that they should then I suspect that this area of the game would be reformed and right quick.

There have been refereeing scandals in every country where the game is played, and that has come to light because people there have looked beneath the lid in the interests of the game.

We are the only ones whose media is so spineless as to pretend that there’s nothing to see here and whose stance is that even if there was it is better to ignore it.

We all know what we’re watching here, and as long as it’s happening there will be no “moving on” from it.

Anyone who thinks that we will better think again.

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  • paul obrien says:

    Our board could not care less.As long as stadium is full that’s all that matters.£££

  • Jim The Tim says:

    When the shit does eventually hit the fan, at least the evidence is still there. VAR DNA.
    Make sure the VAR evidence is retained, I can see it going missing.
    When independants get involved the whole lot could end up VARGATE.

  • peter cassidy says:

    well what a surprise corrupt sfa officals opreating var what could go wrong corruption thats what going on and what is celtic doing watching this farce well watching pathetic.

  • Frank Kelly says:

    I was listening to the game on Radio Scotland on Friday.
    I’m sure that after one contentious issue, involving VAR?, a commentator said that there would be no replay on the big stadium monitors for fear of fan reaction.
    Is this the same for all fan groups/stadiums?
    What reaction could the authorities be fearful of?

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Game wiz Thu m8 lol! Anyway regardless ae that the FILTH having their 3 games b4 us & EVERYWAN ELSE over Xmas.. Computer ERROR?????

  • John Copeland says:

    It seems like there’s a tacit acceptance that VAR wil only be used in the Rangers games if and when required ! End of ….

  • John S says:

    Given the previous statement on VAR by the head of the SFA, there are clearly known issues. Why would any football fan not encourage improvement ?

  • Pan says:

    VAR – Video Assisting Rangers.
    Scottish Football is corrupt and has been for a long, long time.

    My interpretation of the statement that we should move on is that it means that questioning is not allowed. There is no room for reasoning, logic and evidence. Improvement is not in the plan. Just make sure a certain corrupt club benefits.

    Scotland used to be a rational country with thinkers, innovators, inventors, philosophers and questioning based on reasoned discussion. It is no longer respected in the world at large. The EFA are streets ahead of us.

  • Dinger says:

    V a r video advantage rangers

  • stephen smith says:

    Watching the WCF today the ref had no hesitation to award pen against Argentina in a highest profile match which took the game to penalties….was no different from the contact from Sands. VAR in Scotland has highlighted the scandalous double standards of many Scottish referees. To defend them shows the length that the SFA will go to to support Ibrox A clear out is long overdue

  • Stephen says:

    Blame the Celtic board.

  • Effarr says:

    You say they are EITHER corrupt or incompetent as if they can`t be both at the same time. I would say that they are not only both corrupt and incompetent but evil bigots as well.

  • Michael Cassidy says:

    Cheating bastards and I’m not surprised they’re using the system to benefit one team
    We can’t afford to let this go and let them kick it into the long grass and have to address the matter before any other games are played .

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