Celtic Should Be Looking At Tonight As An Opportunity To Make A Big Statement.

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Nothing changed for us in the last seconds of last night’s game at Aberdeen. The earth beneath Celtic Park did not move as much as a millimetre. We are six points clear with a game in hand. Just as when we win it doesn’t matter if we score in the first minute or the last, it does not matter if the Ibrox club wins comfortably or collapses over the line.

Nothing matters except how we respond.

Respond as we know that we can and the nine-point lead is restored and this club remains in the driving seat, and not just idling along but with our foot on the accelerator. The manager is not resting on his laurels. He’s busy not only making sure that this team does not drop its standards, but with making sure that the squad gets stronger.

Celtic should go out tonight and blow Livingston away. Make it clear that we’re still the only show in town, the team that will, eventually, end all hope on the other side of town simply by doing what we have been since Ange Postecoglou got the job.

Winning. Regularly and well.

Winning on good days and bad days. Winning with style or by gutting it out. That’s what Celtic has been doing since the first seven league games of his reign were put out of the way. And as long as we keep on doing it, this title is ours to lose.

And nothing that happens anywhere else can change that.

So tonight is about making a statement, and that statement should be heard loud and clear across the country. Whilst other clubs might stutter their way to victory we are motoring towards the title itself. This is the best team in the country and tonight we need to put on a show, not only for the home fans but for the rest of the league.

On top of that, it will be good to silence Martindale as well; that would be a nice a wee additional benefit.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Celtic don’t need to make ANY statement. Just win the game and move on. Let the statements be made by other teams who feel the need to. They reside in our shadow.

  • Johnny Green says:

    We just need to keep winning and destroying their fevered hopes bit by bit, game after game. We are in the driving seat, we do not even need to glance in our rear view mirror for they cannot see us for dust.

  • John Copeland says:

    If you thought that Aberdeen last weekend was ultra defensive ,expect Livingston tonight to produce bricks , sand ,cement and trowels for the thickest wall imaginable … 11 men behind the ball and I would not be surprised if wee Wink himself tries to get into the defence … Let’s have shooting practice from all ranges ,let’s bombard the keeper on a super slippy surface with all kinds of shots ..

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Agree. Honestly saw nothin last night that we should be overly concerned about, and ah think our captain has come back in at a real important time, a huge boost for us imo, tho that doesnae mean we can relax. Keep the performances up and gettin the results. Disnae matter who its against. Obviously a win by a few goals would be the business, tho gettin the win’s the main thing.

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