Celtic’s Second Post January Signing Shows The System Works If It’s Allowed To.

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With the news just broken that we’ve signed Alastair Johnson we have had one Hell of a start to the January window although it doesn’t even open for a month. The club is moving forward. Hopefully. With Lawwell back in the building you never really know.

Still, we’re off and running and this is all to the good. The manager has a vision and he is implementing it. As angry as I am with the Lawwell appointment – I trust that is obvious, as well as the understatement – all he has to do is stay out of the manager’s way and let the system run as it has been, and make sure that the vision is supported.

If he does that – if it’s like he isn’t even in the building – then most people will overlook the gross insult which making him chairman represents. Those of us who are grievously concerned at the utter lack of imagination, and the cronyism, will continue to be angry but it will be lessened somewhat if the club looks as if it’s learned some valuable lessons.

Ange is the master of all he surveys. That’s a fact. Signings are being made in a timely fashion, and the squad has never looked stronger. Even the prospect of some key players departing does not worry fans the way it once would have because we have the belief that they will be replaced. This was not always so.

When Lawwell was CEO what you saw was a weakening, year on year. If we go back to that then hard times will follow. But if we stick to the plan, the best plan we’ve had in the football department in a long, long time, then we’ll go further than we have in decades.

If Lawwell wants to change minds all he has to do is know his damn place and recognise that the best he can hope for is to bask in Ange’s shadow. If he starts throwing his weight around and bringing his own “suggestions” to the fore it’s all going to come apart.

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  • Seppington says:

    Agreed. If he keeps his trap shut and his neb out of team matters he might, maybe, regain an atom of appreciation…knowing Lawwell though, that’s a mighty big “if”…

  • Pan says:

    Indeed James.
    Mr Lawwell has to realise that he is not in the same position.
    He should, of course, not be in this new position as it completely breaks company law, which might come back to bite Celtic on the bum. If he (Lawwell) has any sense, he will adopt an approach which allows and supports others such as Ange and Michael to do their jobs, as they have been doing before his return.
    Does Mr Lawwell possess the sense and humility for this task?

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