Clapped Out Hack Embarrasses Himself Again With Desperate Anti-Celtic Rant.

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Thanks, as ever, to the social media guys who keep an ear tuned into Radio Clyde, doing for the rest of us what some of us cannot bring ourselves to do; listen to Hugh Keevins making a raging fool of himself.

He was at it again yesterday and the boys, as ever, brought back the transcript and then the recording.

It is as regular as clockwork.

In midweek, he drooled over The Mooch and predicted that the Ibrox club would be comfortably ahead at half time. They were 2-1 down, and heading for dropped points had Hibs not taken their foot off the gas. With ten minutes to go today he was at his smarmy, ignorant worst as he scorned our team and talked about the afternoon being a disaster.

As the goal-flash came in, Gordon rhetorically asked if he would ever learn. That’s the wrong question. No, he’ll never learn because Keevins long ago stopped thinking that there was anything left that he could or needed to learn. That’s the level of his arrogance, and that it is so very often shown to be woefully misplaced doesn’t faze him one bit.

But really, this is about more than just his inability to coherently interpret the sport he’s supposed to cover. This level of ignorance is a product of a deep-rooted loathing for the club he once stated that he grew up supporting.

The poison in his veins flows to such an extent now that he sees nothing but negativity when he looks at us, and conversely nothing but sunshine when he looks across the city.

This is no Uncle Tim act; Keevins is a malicious old reptile who has become so warped by his spite against Celtic that he can barely see straight.

And no amount of “learning” is going to fix that.

Nothing will fix that short of electroshock therapy. This isn’t about him being stupid and being grotesquely unqualified for the job he holds in the modern world … this runs deeper than that.

Keevins couldn’t rationally analyse us if he tried at the moment, and he’s not ever going to try. His view of Celtic has become warped to the point where there’s no longer any hope of fixing it.

It has become toxified by whatever we did to him or which he thinks we did to him, and I don’t care any longer what that was or even if it happened at all.

I do know that he can’t get past it and as long as he can’t get past it he can’t be objective when dealing with Celtic on any level whatsoever. As such, it’s long since time for this joker to hang up his microphone or give it over to someone who can actually do the job.

Knowing the way the media here works though, they’ll hand it to some low IQ loon-ball on the basis of the one qualification necessary; that he once played football for an Ibrox club.

Yet even that would be better than this.

Keevins is the ultimate embarrassment in a media full of them.

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  • John Gow says:

    You need to chill out James and ignore him. If he reads you then he’s laughing at the moment and his employers are loving it. He’s been at the wind up for many years now and lots of people catch the worm. Right up his street and of course Radio Clyde. Don’t give him air and he will disappear. Try it.

  • Pan says:

    I totally agree with you James.

    On a different subject though.
    It seems to have passed under the radar of the blogs that your namesake, James Forrest has yesterday against the Dons joined the elite group of players now who have scored both 100 goals AND 100 assists for Celtic.
    Only 3 players are in this elite group – Jimmy Johnstone, Henryk Larson and now wee James Forrest.

  • Pan says:

    As a further note, I see that the Celtic Star has picked up on James joining Henryk and Jimmy in this unique triumvirate.

  • Jim The Tim says:

    The guys a senile fud, who cares about Radio Clyde, Scotland and the Brittish bigoted system.
    But let’s beat the bastards by wining games easily, it’s crap we’re up against and we struggle.
    It’s European success we are after, that is not going to plan getting results by the skin of your rse against shit teams.
    The warning signs have been there before Ozz trip in Europe, home, and Aberdeen.
    Keevan’s, a silly old, to be ignored fanny

  • Michael Mcmichael says:

    Why do radio Clyde employ him

  • Alex Nixon says:

    Keevens has never been the same since Fergus made him stand outside the night he took over Celtic watch the show Keevens is standing at the door and not let in

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