Ex-QPR Player Scorns The Transparently Fictional Ibrox Narrative On Beale.

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Former Scotland international and ex-QPR player Jamie Mackie has launched an angry outburst at Michael Beale, excoriating him for his behaviour in “jumping ship” to Ibrox after making his players in London promise to stick with the club.

Mackie has also scorned the narrative being put forward by Beale, the club and some helpful idiots in the press, that he took this decision only in the past week. He has further hit out at him for the way his behaviour undermined Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, and suggested that Beale will find it hard to get chairmen to trust him in the future.

“When Michael Beale came in he was a complete unknown and newbie to management,” he said on Sky. “He was given a fantastic opportunity by QPR and he quickly spoke about his culture of integrity and longevity. He said he’d even spoke to the players and their families about buying into the project and jumping ship to another club. But now he’s done exactly what he said he wouldn’t do and jumped ship and I think that’s where the problem is.”

He then destroyed the fiction about the Aberdeen game.

“I really question his integrity and I really wonder what other chairman will think of that in the future. Rangers have got a relationship with him and they understand him, but I look at it and go do I want that character going forward? I’m not so sure. Maybe managing Rangers is his ultimate dream, but I also noticed he was in the stands when the old manager who hadn’t been sacked yet was still there. I really don’t like that and I certainly don’t like that as a manager he was going up there as a ‘fan’. Then two weeks later he gets the job? Well that doesn’t sit well with me at all or certainly with an opposing manager. I don’t think it was the right way to act.”

Amazing that it takes someone outside of this little cesspit to state the obvious and call everyone involved out for their scandalous behaviour.

It is absolutely outrageous that anyone – the media, the club or the guy himself – really expects anyone to believe the nonsense that all this was agreed in the last seven days. Not on your life. This was sorted out weeks ago, many weeks ago, and Wolves provided useful cover but also forced Beale to spout a lot of nonsense he clearly didn’t mean.

I never hated Van Bronckhorst. He was just another manager to me, because the guy didn’t swallow whole all Ibrox’s supremacist shtick either as a player or as boss, so when I say I think it’s genuinely disgusting what the club and Beale did to him I mean it, I’m not joking and I’m not trying to get a reaction out their mad online community.

The media should not have let them away with that. The man himself should not have let them do him up that way. He should have quit and sued for constructive dismissal and aired the whole grubby story in the public square. QPR too should have been raging, and their moderate reaction is perhaps most curious of all.

You might be forgiven, in fact, for thinking that this ending suits them. The manager who was on the slide has gone, the club is blameless, they get a fresh start and the money to find his replacement. They could have raised holy Hell about this but on the surface anyway they have chosen not to. Do they know something the Ibrox fans will soon be finding out?

Because what’s in the public domain is surely bad enough, isn’t it?

And it took Jamie Mackie to lay it all out there on national TV.

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  • Nick66 says:

    In truth James, Gio was onto a hiding from the off. Thought he coming home to Rangers,but found the truth to be worse, anyway best of luck to the guy, he came, he tried, he failed. Ce la vie.

  • Pedro says:

    As a QPR fan I’m quite sure that Jamie Mackie was echoing what the management were saying I think les Ferdinand and our captain Stefan Johansen were just being polite but the worded statement about the snakes departure never thanked Beale
    What makes me laugh his Rangers fans think they can afford to bring out top players to ibrox when everyone knows servco haven’t got a pot to p in

  • SSMPM says:

    Point taken with regard to the outsider speaking out though surprised that sky, the rankers supporting channel, put it out there. As for GVB and the bawbag, who cares.

  • Kenneth Carter says:

    Yes Jamie, i totally agree, he is a disgrace, keep going Celtic!

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