Ibrox Accepts Defeat On Contract Renewals And Braces For A Multi-Million Pound Hit.

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In his wonderful song “Quite Ugly One Morning” Warren Zevon wrote bitterly that, “From dawn to sundown it’s a long, long way. And it’s a hollow triumph when you make it to the bottom of another day.” He was writing about his personal experiences as an alcoholic, but all of us can recognise a little of our own lives in there. We all have days like that.

Over at Ibrox, they just have more of them than the norm.

Yesterday, their directors appeared in front of the fans and delivered their annual report.

It should have been a good one, considering they’ve just hired The Mooch and should have plenty of money to fund his transfer ambitions, but we all know that there are major problems over there.

The only way they could give him proper resources was to “Sell! Sell!” as Randolph Duke implores one of his lackeys in the climactic scene of Trading Places. They have Kamara, but I have always struggled to understand why other clubs would pay through the nose for him. Until this week, their fans held out hope that Morelos and Kent might be available too.

Partly they believed this because the club has been lying about it for months. This week, they ran out of room and road. They had to tell the truth. Those players are not, as has long been hinted, about to sign new deals. The club has conceded that their demands are just too high and that they will never be able to give those guys what they want.

And so both of them are going to leave, either for a pittance in January or for free in the summer, and the club accepts that there is nothing they can do about that. The Mooch has already been made to look like a fool. His contention that the club held all the cards now seems ridiculous. All of us knew he was talking crap.

Now the board has confirmed it.

The last vestige of hope has been snuffed out. The last attempt at negotiation has ended. The Mooch will have to make do with what he has, and he’s not going to have what he has for very much longer.

The hit will be enormous. Psychologically anyway. None of us ever believed that these were £20 million players, but the club said it so often that their fans did and the media did and that will not be an easy pill to swallow for either group, and so Wilson will be whipped without mercy and the club slammed for its stupidity in refusing phantom offers.

I always say that if you live in a fantasy you have to ever be wary of dragons, and when you tell the world, including your own fans, the media and the players and their agents, that they are worth fortunes don’t be surprised if they all believe it.

Fans will want “value”. The media will want results.

The players will want the respect of being feted like heroes and their agents will want the money.

In conjuring up fairytales the dragons come naturally, and now they are here and they’re hungry.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    It would appear the FILTH are in dissaray & the Leagues no even started back yet! After we PUMP them on the 2nd Jan we’ll be MINIMUM 16 pts clear & Beale (ING) will be oot the door!!

  • Geoff says:

    Sorry but the big story is we are going to lose in a big way on Dembeles sell on clause.
    Yes a guy we signed for £500k and sold for £19m.
    Sevco now leaking through their media pals that Kent and Fatty want upwards of £40k per week.
    They will offload them for a pittance but media will be convincing the dafties they went for great money.

  • FSTB says:

    The cynic in me might wonder if the emergence of the stories regarding the two celtic players supposedly wanting away if they don’t get more money might have ties to the sevco board admission.
    We all know the LL are more than willing to follow follow their masters orders

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