If Celtic Sign Another Player Before January, What A Statement Of Intent It Will Be.

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Ange Postecoglou’s transformation of our club steps up another gear.

How often have I written that statement or something like it?

It seems like 100. I feel as if we’re not even scratching the surface, as it feels as if Ange isn’t.

But the question is changing, and it has been since the start.

Because a year in, you expect to be watching not a revolution but an evolution. In the early stages, you expect upheaval to be more or less constant. But a year in things should be ramping down.

It’s clear that we’re not yet at that place. Phase II hasn’t even started yet. This doesn’t look like upheaval because it comes in the midst of success, but Ange is still setting out the first stage of his plan. This might not even be The End Of The Beginning.

January transfer windows are usually about tweaking.

Ange is not tweaking here any more than he was tweaking this time last year.

He continues to put massive blocks in place, for a structure we can still only half see emerging, as if from behind the veil.

When he sat in front of the press and the fans two days ago and almost casually suggested that we were on the brink of another January signing – before we’re even in January – I am sure that people were amazed. If there wasn’t an audible gasp it’s because the room was too surprised for that. He already has an embarrassment of riches and still he wants more.

But as big a deal is this is, and as much praise as Ange deserves for not sitting pretty on what he’s already holding in his hands, there has to be an enormous amount of praise for the club itself for giving him this incredible level of support.

I think I can safely say that none of us has seen anything like this before.

He has already been more lavishly backed than any manager in our history, and there is no sign that the club is letting up on it. The professionalism being shown at every level right now is extraordinary.

Those of us who have spent years worrying about the absence of a strategy are now seeing one unfolding in a way we never expected. If we add yet another player before the window even opens, it’s not just superb backing for the boss but a mighty statement of intent.

We are on fire at the moment.

If we hadn’t just appointed Lawwell as chairman I don’t believe that I would have a single complaint about the direction Celtic are heading in, and if he can keep his hands off the wheel and focus on simply calling meetings to order even that isn’t going to trouble most of the supporters for very long.

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  • PAUL MCCANN says:

    if we go to ibrox on the second and leave 12 points clear thats a statement of intent


    Pistol Pete isnae the sort to turn up for ‘ tea and a kit-kat with a wee gab aboot the weather’
    He will be pulling the strings of all the puppets that he hired and promoted.

  • Thomas adams says:

    65 m in 14 mnt the board have backed him with ,regardless of the outgoing player sales ,he can’t just keep buying players James.

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