If Giakoumakis Has A Message For The Celtic Boss He Should Convey It On The Pitch.

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The story which was doing the rounds yesterday about Giorgios Giakoumakis’ social media post, showing him standing on the touchline with an hour-glass above his head, and which is widely interpreted as a dig at how little time he’s getting on the pitch is one of two things; it’s either people grossly over-reacting or the player is getting whiney.

If the player is getting whiney he basically has two choices; to ask for a move to where he’ll get more time on the park (no guarantee at all) or to stop bitching and do the job he’s paid to do, which means doing his talking out on the big green bit of turf.

This tendency of players now to “communicate” their discontent via social media should shame them.

If modern footballers want to complain they should do it to the manager’s face, not by sending weak-ass signals via Instagram.

Have modern footballs got no guts anymore?

Footballers in yesteryear either manned up or got on with it … this pitiful middle ground option of faintly squealing to your “followers” is very modern, and very embarrassing.

I’ll tell you, Ange would probably respect a player who came to him with a grievance. Indeed, he’d probably love it because then he’d have a chance to tell the guy “prove that I shouldn’t drop you”.

But I know for a fact that he will have no respect for any player who acts like this, one who hasn’t even got the bottle to find a pet journalist to pour his frustrations out to.

Who exactly is a social media post like that meant to impress?

Not the fans, who think it’s ridiculous.

Not his team-mates who must think it’s pretty tragic.

And for sure, not this manager. Not any other manager either; if – and I say again if – this is Giakoumakis having a public tantrum it makes it less likely that people will be interested in buying him.

Who needs that in the dressing room?

If this was an attempt to send smoke signals it sent all the wrong ones.

Whatever this guy has going on right now, doing something like this would be a huge lapse in common sense and judgement and someone should be having a word in his ear and telling him to wind it in.

The only way he impresses people is by getting on with the job.

On Saturday I suspect he’s going to start the game, in no small part because Kyogo is a little off the boil.

Do your talking on the park big chap, that’s the only place where Ange will be convinced by it.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Milennials mate. I fucking hate them. All this head constantly in their phone and eating smashed avocado on toast for breakfast gives me the dry boak.

    He should be getting more time on the pitch though. As much as I love Kyogo, he misses too many chances. Jacko is a better finisher in my humble opinion.

  • Johnny Green says:

    He may think he has already done the patience thing and that’s why he is resorting to getting his message over in this way. I’m glad he is annoyed, it means he has a hunger to be on the field and he is not content to be merely a bench warmer lifting a wage. If Ange is indeed a good man manager, he should be addressing this discontent. What will he do if we get a new striker, the same again creating yet another rift?

  • Peterbrady says:

    I think Ange is getting pissed of this corruption and scunnerred with the CEO and spinless directors he will only put up with this shite so long then walk away we know county will be cheated tonite we know they will try everything against the Perth club tocheat us and we know the fix is in on the 2nd against sevco with bigot beaton

  • John mc Quillan says:

    Only problem with your suggestion James is the fact that he’s not getting the chance to do it.

  • michael mccormack says:

    If he doesn’t like it he knows where the managers door is , his feet won’t touch the ground on the way out .
    If he wants to go then go , vastly over rated , no ability in the air , no pace , touch like a bull elephant not for me I’m afraid .

  • Al says:

    He deserves to be starting now ahead of Kyogo.

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