If The Mooch Wants To Troll Celtic He’ll Need To Do Better Than Bring Up Europe.

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Mick the Mooch spent the better part of his press conference the other day talking about Celtic.

At some point, he tried to troll us by us talking about the European record.

It’s not enough that he talked the obvious garbage about their squad being the equal of ours – where’s all the resale value in theirs if there’s any truth in that? – but this was the worst thing he could have done.

How blind do you have to be to mention the one subject that the fans wish could just be forgotten? Speaking, with pride, about a run that has ended with the worst Champions League Group Stage performance in the history of the competition.

This guy … he’s not the sharpest tool in the box is he?

This is what you get when you bring in someone who thinks you can raise standards on the pitch by having every player travel to every game in a suit. Footballers resent that kind of nonsense.

It makes them into children, putting on their shirts and ties for school.

Boasting over a European record which doesn’t matter a damn now?

What about the domestic cup record? Does he fancy boasting about that perchance? I would guess not.

The thing is, who is he trying to impress with this?

No-one in the Ibrox support takes any comfort from a European record which crashed into disgrace and dishonour.

It does nothing to soothe their feelings either over the catastrophic Champions League results or the more important issue, which is the nine point gap in the league table.

His whole interview was a cheap point scoring exercise which resulted in nothing but own goals.

This guy is going to give us so much fun. He is a moron.

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  • Tony B says:

    Maybe the huns could play in suits shirts ties and brown brogues to demonstrate their staunchness and trrrrrrrradishuns.

    Couldn’t be any worse than they are now.

    What a shower of absolute FANNIES.

  • Nick66 says:

    If “The Mooch”, as you wish him titled, was in fact the”brains” behind Slippy, then, first off, that’s a low bar to start with. If he wants to be a success then low profile, hard work and the ability to do the job are pretty much the best attributes to have. We’ll have to work hard for our title retention, Moochy Mick will have the same backing he got from the Refs, so as long as we carry on as we’ve been doing so far Celtic will be the Champions. Sevconians most likely will be helped to Scottish or League Cup triumphs. Or, as the press would say, “Scottish Cup Champions “, sados.

  • Fat8mike says:

    He’d also referred to them as “an institution”. So he’s pretty much talking the same ballocks Jim White and graeme souness told him a month ago


    Sevco never do their talking on the pitch .The guy is a Clown

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