It’s The Hope That Keeps Killing Celtic’s Rivals, But Eventually We’ll Extinguish It.

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For a short time yesterday, the Ibrox forums buzzed with that most seductive feeling of all; hope.

It started to grow around 80 minutes, when the countdown clock started ticking on our match at Aberdeen.

They didn’t want to feel it, because they’ve been disappointed before, but you can tell reading back over the posts that in spite of themselves it had crept into their thoughts and their hearts.

It lasted six minutes, and then we snatched it away.

In the aftermath, they cursed themselves and each other for ever having indulged the thought in the first place. And oh, how we laughed.

Time and again this season they have let themselves be lulled like this, done up like a love-struck guy who keeps going back to the woman who has robbed him blind and slept with all his mates. They fall for the same thing over and over again … and every time there is the same disbelief, mostly that they could ever have been so stupid.

This must be killing them.

There were some of them who were mentally counting points; “two dropped today and Easter Road to visit. By the time they come to Ibrox the gap might be down to four or less … we might even have the chance to go top.”

Six minutes later there was the cold fury and the self-loathing.

It’s glorious to read this stuff, glorious to see the outburst of optimism only for it to be crushed.

Eventually, it will be.

Perhaps at Ibrox where, if we win, we can amp up their pain and suffering for a day but the following day allow them the knowledge that there will be no more of it for this league campaign. Perhaps it will come in midweek, if they drop something at the ground we won at today and if we take care of business against Livingston.

Perhaps it will be sometime next year, when we finally hit the point of mathematical certainty … the only certainty we have is that it will come, at some point, and that until it does we’re waiting and they are clinging on to it with their fingers.

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  • Jim The Tim says:

    We are on thin ice, var is against us referees orange tinted, opposition giving away fkn obviously deliberate penalties.
    We are too concerned about the obstacles outwith our control.
    I keep worrying about our terrible performances that are part of our style.
    Roy of the Rovers late wins are for cup finals, we are heading for a bad time if we do not get fkn into it.
    Side passing hitting crosses against the first man or too long over the heads of everybody to go out of play when some fkr could be wide to kick it back in, same at corners.
    We are struggling, we McGregor was fantastic as others but it was noticed she guys were hiding.

  • king murdy says:

    aberdeen were soooo fukn deep yesterday…shame on them – at home…ffs!!!

    i used to stand in the old jungle…there was a guy behind me was forever whinging and moaning about jimmy johnstone,,,,wee jinky…ffs !!!….i wonder was he related to “jim the tim”,,,,i’ve read 3 of his posts in past 24hrs….moaning like fuk about celtic….
    1 st game back after 4/5 weeks and someone is moaning….FFS !!!!!!

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