Korean Superstar “Finalising Transfer Move”, But Is That Move To Celtic?

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South Korean’s 24 year old striker, Cho Gue-sung, is said to be on the verge of a move to Europe, with the club on the brink of signing him un-named and unknown.

But his father, who confirmed this to the domestic media, has said France has been ruled out as a destination and denied that there is any interest from Turkey. We are believed to be in the mix.

I took a good look at Cho Gue-sung after he scored twice in the match against Ghana earlier in the tournament, and I was surprised to find that such a physically imposing, agile goal-scorer was still in the K-League, where he is the current top scorer.

I strongly suspect that Celtic knew exactly who this guy was before the competition began, and if we’re one of the clubs in for him I imagine that a lot of the work was done before this tournament kicked off. He’s young, and he fits the profile perfectly.

More than that, I just love this kid’s origin story.

He started his career as a defensive midfielder, but was considered too small and lightweight for the job. He converted to being a striker, where he earned plaudits but was still a little lacking in physique.

Then he got his national service call-up and went off to the army. There, he gained weight, height and came back to football with a new physicality and athleticism. He’s all about self-improvement.

His father talks like a guy who understands that what’s best for his son is not some super-club where he will stagnate on the bench but one where he can develop as a footballer.

“The advice I have given my son is when he signs for a team abroad, go to a club that can play the way he likes, rather than choosing a club because they are a big name,” he said. “He needs a club that will help him adapt and settle down to a new lifestyle on and off the pitch. I know his agent is in the process of finalising negotiations regarding his transfer overseas. He will certainly go to Europe.”

I think he’s a perfect fit with this club and I hope we’re the team being talked about.

Having watched his movement, his talent and his aggression in the penalty box he would be a sensation here.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I know that South Korea and Japan are about a thousand miles apart, but the fact that Celtic already have an Asian contingent settled in Glasgow may sway him to join our all-inclusive club and I’m sure he would be made very welcome by all and sundry. I have no idea how good he is, but he sounds very grounded and yes, he would fit in very well at Paradise, Come and join us Cho Gue-sung and let the people sung.

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