Kyogo’s Classy Goal For Celtic Yesterday Showed Him At His Confident Best.

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Yesterday’s friendly wasn’t particularly serious, and you could tell that from the lack of coverage the club gave it, and the absence of interviews or press events until after it was done.

It was a kick-about and not something anyone cared that much about except in that it got players back up to speed and fitness prior to the real stuff starting again next week.

The loss of goals seemed to amuse the media.

The scoring of them was more interesting by far.

Matt O’Riley playing in his natural position again, with Callum restored to the line-up, scoring twice and showing us what we’ve been missing in moving him back.

But it was Kyogo’s goal which took the prize, a neat little chip over the keeper.

That’s the mark of someone who has his confidence back and his head up again, and that’s important and neatly fits in with what he was saying in the press earlier in the week.

He is not getting disheartened over his World Cup snub. Indeed, he’s digging in as good players do and vowing to work harder. That’s music to all of our ears, and seeing him score that goal yesterday means that we’re getting him back hungry and sharp and ready to do the business. Which is not good news for any other club in the league.

And its especially not good for first opponents Aberdeen. I expect Kyogo to start, and if he’s as up for it as he says he’s going to be, and as that chipped goal would suggest, then I also expect him to score and have a major impact on getting us three points.

I can hardly wait for the kick off in that game, and based on what he was telling us neither can he.

We might be about to see the best version of Kyogo we’ve seen so far, and when you consider how good this version is … man oh man, it’s a lot to look forward to.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    You describe it as a kickabout James, a friendly against a mediocre team from France. Yet, after our poor results in Australia we are beaten again, it’s not the ideal preparation no matter how you disguise it and I don’t see any positives apart from the return of our captain.

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