Lawwell Gets The Chairmanship As Celtic Insults The Fans With A Massive Step Backwards.

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So it’s Lawwell after all. “Non-executive chairman of Celtic.” Rewarded for failure, for the hiring of Lennon in a shower, for taking our club backwards, for costing us ten in a row, for lying to supporters about the Five Way Agreement.

This damnable board is brilliant at this, at insulting all of us, at ignoring our wishes. It believes that the temporary salve of success on the pitch covers a multitude of sins, but at its heart this whole institution lacks imagination. The writing is on the wall for these people. They cannot continue to do this, to treat our club as if it is their personal plaything.

Celtic is not theirs. But they treat it like it is. It’s jobs for the boys. It’s cronyism and nepotism and Daddy Knows Best and the consequences be damned. Lawwell’s last ten years at our club were characterised by failure. Failure of imagination. Failure of courage in tackling the sins of Ibrox. Failure in attempting to reform the SFA.

He lost Rodgers because his own giant ego would not cope with someone more influential being in the building and you wait … the undermining of this manager will very soon be underway if it isn’t already in the rash of stories about players turning down contracts and the club suddenly being ready to start selling off its best assets, even when they have years left on their deals.

Lawwell should not be within 100 miles of this club, and now there are two of them there. The whole idea of accountability means nothing whatsoever to the people who have handed him a return to Celtic Park. They believe they can do whatever they please. They believe that they have that right, because they don’t understand that Celtic is ours not theirs.

This is a disgraceful backwards step, an old pals act, the kind of thing the Kelly’s and White’s did, and it’s exactly what happens when a small group has been in charge too long. They hand out plum jobs and key roles to each other and their pals as if Celtic were no more than a private members club, something for their own edification.

Shame on them, and shame on those who will cheerlead this appointment because it keeps their own feet under the table, their own feet in the door. This is a lamentable decision, showing backwards thinking and an appalling lack of regard for the paying customers who have had it with Lawwell and know from his past behaviour exactly how this ends.

This club, sometimes as much as the one across the city, astonishes me in its ability to look insular, arrogant and unconcerned for the views of its fans. This is a slap in the face to every single one of us. We have made no effort whatsoever here to look for someone from the business world or academia or someone who would bring fresh ideas.

Instead we’ve brought back a man whose last great service to this club was to leave it and let us move forward. In failing to recognise that, and running back for his place in the limelight now that the mess he’s made has been cleared up, he’s proved that he’s a selfish bastard.

I have no words for those who have made this decision.

None that I am able to write anyway on a website read before the watershed.

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  • LadyGreybush says:

    Oh my God, who cares? If you hate it, stop supporting the club. Lawwell got it right 90% of the time(gross). Two years ago was a freak happening, I’m pretty sure there won’t be a global pandemic again in his tenure, so stop crying. We can get 10IAR in 9 years’ time.
    The 5WA was ALWAYS going to be a thing because the SFA/SPL ALWAYS wanted the huns in the top division. Stop moaning and turn in your season book, stop buying from the club, stop attending matches to prove your point. You’ll be replaced by people who love the club anyway because it’s the lone bright spot in their tough lives and they care more about who’s on the field then the suit in the boardroom.

    This thread looks a lot like a Follow Follow echo chamber…

    • Seppington says:

      A Follow Follow echo chamber? Get a grip. Those gullible clowns believe anything their klub tells them and continues to throw their money away whilst getting the piss taken right out of them – you’re the one who is behaving in that sort of fashion. If every Celtic supporter was a happy-clapping fool like you Celtic would’ve been dead before Fergus got off the plane ffs….

      • Seppington says:

        Also, the pandemic wasn’t the cause of us not winning the ten, it was unfortunately a combination of Neil Lennon’s managerial ineptitude being enabled past the point of no return by a cloth-eared board of idiots led by your hero Lawwell, a man who has never been 90% right about anything, not even Ange as we all know that was a punt in hope and nothing else as he was getting out the door. If ange had crashed and burned Lawwell would be nowhere near CP right now.

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