Liel Abada Has Shown His Value To Celtic Yet Again. He Is A Superstar In The Making.

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Reports, yesterday, linking Liel Abada with a move away from Celtic were as predictable as they are boring. This guy is a quality footballer, and one of those guys who can play in several different positions and offers a threat in each one of them.

I know Abada was a bit of a mystery man when we signed him, and I cannot have been alone in rolling my eyes when I found out where he was coming from.

Was this another Duhan signing, fresh from the contacts book of Lawwell & Lawwell?

Well you know what? If it was, then they found us one Hell of a footballer.

From the minute he arrived at Celtic Park he’s been performing brilliantly. He has already gotten himself a reputation as a Sevco Skelper. His overall contribution is exceptional.

The other night, as Andy Walker was drooling, as ever, over The Trailer Park Serial Killer, I said to my old man that the whole Kent debate could be summed up in two words; Liel Abada.

Because if a guy this good isn’t a guaranteed first pick at Celtic Park every week then Kent would be absolutely nowhere near the first team squad.

Yet the media raves about the qualities of one and not the other, except now when transfer rumours pop up all over the place in the rush to the January window.

Yesterday, The Mooch – more on that joker later, I assure you – talked about the “leap in form” from Kent; this is part of a bizarre new narrative which I can’t understand at all.

But Abada … well, he’s the Real Thing and he’s proved it again and again.

Not only did he score a perfectly good goal the other night, which the Mibbery conspired to chop off, but he had a hand in t the two which counted. He is a monster talent, and one we’re glad we’ve got tied down for the foreseeable future.

The interesting thing is that unlike with Juranovic and Giakoumakis, Celtic has issued a firm “hands off” warning to those clubs who are sniffing. We know what we have here, and we’re determined to hang onto him as long as we possibly can.

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