Martindale Questions The Celtic Boss And Suggests We Give His Team Special Attention.

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Yesterday I wrote about Martindale and his standard nonsense, but the more I read of his pre-match comments the more I found to be annoyed about. I actually initially missed the real story; he thinks Ange changes his tactical approach when he comes up against Livingston. He says this with such pride that you know his ego is getting the best of him again.

Hey, if he wants to call our manager he a liar he should say it like that. He as good as did so when he scorned the idea that Celtic plays the same way for every game. This is typical of this guy, a bit of self-aggrandisement … with no relation to reality.

Martindale shouldn’t flatter himself. Ange has never said that he plays the same way against every team, and anyone who thinks that is a mug. Ange has said that the team tries to play with a certain intensity and aggressive intent. But he knows what all good managers know – and so does Martindale although he’s not in that category; that you pick the players and certain facets of the system to suit the opposition.

There is nothing controversial or surprising or revolutionary about that. We lost the first game we played against Martindale’s team and drew the second one. We then proceeded to whip them the last twice, both of them at his home ground.

He thinks Ange made subtle changes to the way we play … well surprise me some more.

“I think Ange has said he doesn’t take any game, any different from another. But I have found Celtic players with a wee bit more intensity, they are giving us a little more respect and by giving us a little bit more respect it’s probably adding to their own game,” he said. “They are putting a lot more detail into the game.”

As if we Ange Postecoglou never did that before. As if we try harder against his team. And you know what? Maybe we have stepped it up against them … what else were we meant to do? Play the same way and drop points for a third time? A fourth time?

Martindale is not as stupid as he makes himself sound with these comments. He went for the cheap headline and he got it but his remarks are ridiculous. The idea that we ever paid them anything but respect is also pretty idiotic, because there is no manager in this country who treats other clubs with more respect than Ange does.

Martindale should learn some. This blowhard loves the sound of his own voice too much.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    Martinjail’s team are the ones who play differently against Celtic as the wee bluenose B tries any underhand tricks he can to take points off Celtic in order to benefit his beloved Sons of Satan. We will put them to the sword tomorrow night no matter his tactics.

  • William Melvin says:

    Love your alternate name for the wee tosser.
    I hope you are right and the sword we use tomorrow night cuts them to pieces.
    His players could get good outcomes against his favourites in blue but he changes their tactical setup to enable a hun victory.
    How this guy can look any of his squad in the eye after these games is something only someone of his lowlife character can hope to descend to.
    A contemptible rat ?

  • SSMPM says:

    The drughun fantasist’s been smoking the hairy prison blankets again. If our strikers are to find their finishing form, I’d love it to be tomorrow night with a 9/10 nil result, just to confirm the special effort required to beat them.

  • Effarr says:

    Celtic should play the game, first half, at walking pace tomorrow whilst retaining possession. Even park the bus for fifteen minutes just to see the look on his face.

    Resort to normal second half and bury them. This could be the right game to take every chance to put the ball in the net.

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