Martindale Trash Talks Celtic Again, As He Heads For The Same Old Result.

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David Martindale just cannot help himself.

He’s talking big again about his team’s chances at Celtic Park and lamenting that he’s never won there. He talks about the games he’s come to Parkhead and taken points; I remember those games all too well.

I wrote one of the most scathing articles ever on this website about their 0-0 draw last season, when they put every man behind the ball and made no effort whatsoever to venture up the pitch.

The Aberdeen performance at the weekend was bad, and they were the home team, which leaves them with no excuse. But Livingston that day turned in what is simply the most shocking defensive display I have ever witnessed as a Celtic fan.

It was the sort of game that could have got football stopped.

Martindale is talking about winning this time.

But I’m willing to bet that his team will set up in exactly the way they did that afternoon.

They will pack the penalty area and hope to get through the first 45 minutes without the roof coming in. If we score early – and I think we will – then I reckon it will be a high scoring game. Frankly, I’d love that.

Martindale’s side is due a proper doing at Parkhead.

They won their first game against Ange and drew the second, but since then we’ve won two on the bounce, both of them at their ground. That’s good, of course, because we tended to struggle there … but we owe them a real beating in front of our own fans and that’s what we’ll be hoping for on Wednesday.

I don’t like this guy. I think that not only should his sort be nowhere near a dugout, but he’s a slippery sod who only praises us because he’s ever confident that he can take something from us.

I said earlier in the season, when he sang our praises prior to our visit to his plastic pitch, that he was only doing so because he fancied his chances and that once we would beat them he would revert to type and try to find excuses for the defeat.

So it proved, with his bitching at the end of the game.

On Wednesday we should leave this man with nowhere to go with his excuses. Celtic should just play them off the park and if this guy wants to bitch and moan let him embarrass himself with it.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I’m expecting a complete identical performance from Livingston as Aberdeen gave on Saturday ! Total boring ,11bodies parked in their area ,with the occasional attempt to get into our box , defending for a draw ….. In fact that’s the way opposition teams will play home and away for the remainder of the season ,if not forever more ,against Celtic …With some exceptions ,of course …Bring a book to games , the tedium will be monotonous…

  • Tam says:

    Aberdeen defend for their lives and lose against CELTIC and are rightly slated for it. Livingston defend for their lives against CELTIC and get a point and are praised for defending well…by the same SMSM…. It’s the same as when “the rangers” goalkeeper makes a save in the last minute,great, world class, wonder save… CELTIC Goalkeeper makes a save in the last minute and the same people (SMSM)he kept them in it

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Can mind season or 2 ago, when Celtic played at Livingston, Martindale stuck 10 men behind the ball, managed tae get a result. Soon after, when his favs came tae his ground, he set up his team tae attack, knowin full well it would play intae the ibrox side’s hands, which it did and his team got humped. Hasnae done it since, because imo it was so obvious just about every body saw through it right away. Even talks like a pavement nyaff.

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