McAvennie Is Right For Once. Celtic Should Try To Get Moritz Jenz On A Permanent Deal.

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Frank McAvennie, one of our media landscape’s proverbial broken clocks, has gotten it right again. He says we should be looking to bringing Moritz Jenz to the club on a permanent deal and I have to say that I agree with him completely.

I have been hugely impressed by Jenz. I have spent some time these past few days defending Starfelt, and it’s obvious that I like him, but Jenz gives us something too and he looks very good in partnership with Carter Vickers.

You can never have too many good players, and there will doubtless be people who think that the arrival of Kobayashi will spend the end for Jenz. I don’t know. We know how easily an injury crisis can hit a team and we only need to look across the city to see what can happen when one of them leaves you down to the bare bones.

We coped brilliantly last season.

That’s not to say we would if went through the same thing as we approach the business end of this campaign.

We need all the talent we can get, and the manager does enjoy rotating this squad … the one area where that has been difficult is at the back. If we sign Jenz we will have five capable centre backs including Welsh.

Too much? Not at all. Just what a club our size needs.

There will be outgoings in this squad going forward. Depending on the purchase price, Jenz might well find himself a critical part of the side before long, and might even be another asset which we can develop in lieu of a big sale someday; he’s young enough.

This seems like a no-brainer … as long as the price is right. I wrote about this not that long ago, and I was pleased to see McAvennie arguing for it. Others should be.

I know Keevins doesn’t like the idea but at the end of the day that counts in its favour as far as I’m concerned.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    We have already forked out money for Kobayashi and, if he is the real deal, then I don’t think we should be spending further on Jenz. There is another young Celtic defender in the news today, Bosun Lawal, and instead of over bolstering the numbers in our our defence it might be better to encourage the ones already there to step in on occasions. He is highly regarded and he should get his chance before his head is turned to go elsewhere. If Kobayashi is not the answer then that is another story.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Incidentally I would like to see Liam Scales returning at the end of the season, but to play at Left Back instead of the two present incumbents. He would of course also be cover for central defence if needed.

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