McCann The Latest Fool Not To Comprehend That Celtic Can Only Throw This Title Away.

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Maybe Neil McCann needs maths lessons.

The news last week that HMRC have “settled” the case with BDO, the liquidators of Rangers, might spell bad news finally for he and everyone else who took an EBT. As the government paid the creditors who were left an estimated 14p in the £1 there will still, undoubtedly, be an appetite to see justice done.

If they come from him, maths lessons would help with that, or at least keep him out of trouble in future. Based on his comments on the Ibrox club’s official TV channel yesterday, and which are all over the papers today, he really does need them.

He thinks the title race is in Ibrox’s hands.

Really? He has miscalculated that to a fare-thee-well. If we go to Ibrox and even draw, then they need the proverbial snookers. That’s having it in our hands. The way he and others talk about the “three Old Firm games” shows them up.

They expect to win every other game in spite of the mountain of evidence which makes that unlikely at best.

Yet as someone has pointed out, we’re so far in front here, on points as well as on goals, even if we somehow lost all three of the games against The Mooch and his team we would still win the title provided that we matched their results in every other game.

This title race is in our hands, and only our hands. There are plenty of games remaining in this competition, and we haven’t won it by any manner of means, but if we keep winning then there is nothing whatsoever that the club across the city can do to take it away from us. Our lead is too great for that, and our form is just too good.

McCann should have stayed a school a bit longer and got himself a proper education. Then he might understand the twin concepts of paying your taxes and how league football’s points system works.

I know he was appearing on Ibrox’s in-house channel and appealing directly to low intellects, but the press is all over this stuff and he ought to have known that too.

The more they talk up the chances of this happening, the more pressure they heap on the shoulders of The Mooch. It suits us to listen to this guff. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be challenging it at every turn.

It makes no difference either way.

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  • Geoff says:

    He has such hatred for us and it has to come from the dressing room he shared with encouraged bigotry.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Let them all needlessly bump their gums about a fightback, let them all convince each other it’s possible, let the feelgood factor settle into their very being before we cruelly erode it on a game by game basis. Their pain is our gain and we never stop!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    The hun knows more than most with our great club, it’s ” the hope that kills” ha ha small club with snow of a dyke fans that let oldco die ! ( In age of internet banking to! Rid neck!)That’s the cowards of Govan right there all talk! Definition of ” the shitebag” hence this beal also fits right in! Oh I wish he really fancied taking on big John Kennedy as he been through about like the preverbial ” empty tracksuit” his ” hold me back ” cowards way fooled no one ha ha Another Treble incoming fellow Tim’s! Ohh yes!

  • David Quinn says:

    Niel is from port Glasgow and was never without a Celtic top on when he was a boy.he attended mass like the rest of us . He knows who will win the league he is saying what they want to hear .

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