Neil Lennon Is Beginning To Sound Like A Pundit. Celtic’s Enemies Must Be Dreading It.

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Over the last couple of days you will have seen your news aggregators piling up with stories about Neil Lennon.

You are not imagining things.

He is back in the news, and in a big way.

The media might have pulled apart a single interview and tried to get a headline on each individual line – the work of lazy journalists and no mistake – but he certainly does have plenty to say.

And I rejoice in this. Because if Neil Lennon ever decides that his managerial career isn’t going to deliver for him – and it’s not, and there’s no shame in that – he has a big future in punditry and he can basically write his own ticket.

Neil Lennon would be our very own Kris Boyd and I mean that in the best possible way.

He has ten thousand times Boyd’s intelligence and ability to analyse the sport, but he would wear his heart on his sleeve doing it and he would not accept, for one minute, any of his fellow pundits giving stock answers to questions, or failing to comment on bile from the stands or accept those who try to make Kent and the like sound like good players.

Lennon would tell it straight and tell it true, and I would love to see him doing that for a living instead of floundering on the touchline. He has the personality for it, and the wit for it and the intelligence for it. His no-nonsense manner would make waves and stir controversy and he would love nothing more. He’s never hidden away from it.

He would swiftly be banned from commentating at Ibrox.

I expect he’d love that too, and he’d deal with in a very different manner from Chris Sutton, because he would challenge it and demand that it be overturned and he’d use it to rock the boat.

You can tell that this is an exciting prospect, right?

And it is. I hope that our former boss is considering it because his very presence in those studios and on those radio shows would elevate the level of discourse. And the Peepul would do their nuts.

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  • Duncan says:

    He put 5 of the 9 in the cabinet and delivered the Quad Rebel Treble.

    Far more successful than some part time “journalists “ might wish to give him credit for.
    Did I mention he took Celtic further in Europe than Rodgers?


    • king murdy says:

      aye,,,,and because of his over inflated ego, he completely fuqd up the 10th…..

    • Scud Missile says:

      Aye that was when he was sober he is now an alkie and TOTALLY fucked up 10 in a row by eating the shite from Liewell’s arse,the perfect yes man for the board.

      • Duncan says:

        Brendan the rat could only dream of last 16.
        Given the abuse he took attaining such a feat is it any wonder he ended up with a drink problem?
        Until we have walked a mile in his shoes who are we to judge?
        Besides let her who is without sin cast the first stone.

        God Bless you Neil 5 of the 9 these plums sang about were under your stewardship.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    “rock the boat” and your up the creek without a paddle. No pun intended

  • Scud Missile says:

    He is talking a good game here because he ain’t signed on the dotted line anywhere with the small print being that he doesn’t talk out of turn and plays by the rules.
    He won’t be long in shutting his mouth and not want to rock the boat once the coins are in his pocket.
    Plus he needs to sober long before he appears on TV.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Fkn short memory. He widnae even let, which at the time, would’ve been best for the club AND support, get in the road of his massive ego, but decided tae treat the support wi utter contempt and sheer arrogance instead. He burned a lot of bridges where the supports concerned wi his over inflated, self-important attitude. Even now, his big head disnae allow him tae take any blame for the fuckin shambles he helped tae create, along wi his ‘pals’ Desmond and Lawwell. Think ye should remember that before ye start bummin him up.

    • woodyiom says:

      And you should remember he’s the ONLY person in Scottish football history to have won the treble as a player and a manager as well as won trophies in THREE different countries before you start tearing him apart. NL has his manyy faults (like all of us) but overall he is a winner and as a pundit he’s ideal as his reading of the game and of players is excellent. He hasn’t burned any bridges with me or anyone I know just because he lost 10IAR – that’s because we’re adults not children – try growing up!

      • Kevan McKeown says:

        If ye actually read properly whit ah said in my comment, ah said nothin about the 10 in a row. Ahm talkin about the contempt he treated the very people with, who stood by him all through the years and that’s the support. That kind of disrespect isnae just brushed aff, regardless of his past record. He was an arrogant, self important egoist, who hid behind Desmond and Lawwell when things were goin bad. ‘Growin up’ ? Ye should try pullin yer head out his arse mate and read things properly while yer at it.

  • Paul taggart says:

    Really ??? I think your kidding yourself on look what happened to michael stewart

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Go on lenny slap it INTO THEM,particularly the daily ranger and the rest of the unintelligent.GOOD LUCK CANT WAIT TO HERE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Yeah let’s all rejoice over the man who cost us 10 not once but twice.

  • S Thomas says:

    He stabbed Alan Thompson in the back, and threw a decent man under the bus.Thinno was a good man, and didn’t deserve that. Neil Lennon only cares about Neil Lennon. Thommo hadn’t spoke to him in years, because the way he betrayed him. Look at the way he had a go at big Hartson, for saying he thought he should have stepped down on our 10 in a row season. He is an ego maniac, and all me, me, me. Celtic made Lennon a millionaire, he should have walked and at least gave us a chance.

  • Roonsa says:

    It’s absolutely true that Lennon possesses 1000 times the intelligence, wit and personality of Boyd. But so what? So did I when I was 12. I have no interest in what Lennon has to say and don’t think the fact he would show up our current crop of idiots for what they are to be reason enough to want it to happen.

    HNY2023. Fuck the Huns xxx

  • BJM says:

    Neil Lennon the man love him ! Neil Lennon the manager hate him.
    Sevco odds 23 / 10 . With cheatin beatin in charge sevco would have an even chance against Brazil of 1970.

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