Record Hack Fails To See The Funny Side As KFC Talks Up The Interest In Celtic Player.

Image for Record Hack Fails To See The Funny Side As KFC Talks Up The Interest In Celtic Player.

Sometimes even the most innocuous post reeks of bitterness, and Mark Pirie’s article on a tweet from KFC, involving our own Josip Juranovic, is one of them.

Characterising their response to his performance today as “bizarre” it really rips these people to see one of our players being talked about all across social media, especially when there is big money at stake here if he moves in this transfer window or the next one.

First, let’s be clear; that KFC felt the need to comment on the performance of our right back shows quite clearly that the whole world was talking about Juranovic and that display he put on. That makes me even more proud of him.

KFC’s tweet on it was pretty much on point.

Using a picture of rapper Fat Joe their tweet read “Celtic to offers for Juranovic after the World Cup … Yesterday’s price…. is not today’s price.”

Which is 100% on the money.

What was bizarre about that? It told it true. It made a good point.

The only bizarre thing here is Pirie getting stroppy about it, but maybe that shouldn’t really surprise us.

It wasn’t just the stage Juranovic was on today, it was the level of opposition he came up against.

That’s why it’s increasingly likely that the big offers will be coming when this tournament is over, and as a decision at Celtic Park appears to have been taken that we will listen to such an offer when it comes I think you have to conclude that this was a good day.

In short, it was a day when his value skyrocketed just as that tweet pointed out.

Yesterday he was a guy on the brink of playing Brazil in a World Cup quarter final. Tonight he’s a guy who kept out their best and is on the way to a semi-final against the Argentines.

If that doesn’t raise a players profile then nothing will.

Mark Pirie and the rest can wail to their hearts content.

There’s nothing but upside for Celtic here, and the whole world knows it now.

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  • Tony B says:

    The envy and bitterness is eating them up.

    sevco fan boy fannies ralottierum!

  • Seppington says:

    I’ll tell you what the sports desks of the SMSM won’t need to worry about heating costs this winter as their beelin’ faces will easily raise the ambient temperature to near-equatorial levels.
    We expect this from the Rankerd but in the National, and I guess the Herald as that’s where they get their sports pages, the match report doesn’t even mention Juranovic once. A player plying his trade in the SPFL gets to a World Cup semi-final (has that happened before? I can’t think of anyone else doing it) is a pretty big deal for our pishy league but nope, not a wird, zilch, nada etc. You can bet your arse if thon hun diddy Bararsesic got on for the last two seconds of extra time they’d all be screaming about it their front pages!


  • Martin.H says:

    The record couldn’t even get a compliment correct, they talked about a lot of scouts were watching yesterday’s game, what they should have said was every coach and manager on the planet was watching the game, and our player was by far the best player on the park.

  • SSMPM says:

    Jealousy, guttedness, envy and pure out and out bitterness is the driver that runs the lives of the press and media in this hateful hun led country. They can’t see what all respectable journos and pundits see for their orange haze of hatred. If they all fck off and die like their football club did for widespread cheating the world will be a better place.

  • John Copeland says:

    Let me get this right . Is Mark Pirie of the daily Record regarded in certain quarters as the future of Scottish sports scoops ? God Almighty ! A guy who would balls up a post it note message ….I know where the future lies for newspapers in this country and it’s almost here ! Pirie and his co conspirators at the tabloid rag , are the initiators of their own destiny …

  • Malc says:

    How about offering some bloody context to your articles? Not all of us spend all day every day reading/ listening to (I assume SMSM)…

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