Sevco Can Pin What The Like To The Dressing Room Wall. It Won’t Help Them Against Celtic.

Image for Sevco Can Pin What The Like To The Dressing Room Wall. It Won’t Help Them Against Celtic.

Big Juranovic was pretty bullish yesterday when talking about the title challenges we face as we go into the business end of the season. Some will say that he was pretty dismissive of the opposition, including the club from Ibrox.

In fact, he’s merely a confident guy and part of a confident team. Still, there is talk about how Ibrox might use it for motivation.

There is talk that they should “pin his words to the dressing room wall.”

Yeah, that’s gonna be some wall, isn’t it?

Between the sovereign’s picture and all the other comments, they don’t like there will be no room on that wall for the tactics board or the team sheet. When you need other people at other clubs to motivate you then you’re in a pretty bad place.

There is no other club which is quite so easily wound up.

I always enjoy it when they bristle at every perceived slight. I always get a kick out of hearing them squeal, and they are squealing at the moment over every little thing. Part of that is having The Mooch at the helm, a man who thinks he’s free to insult people with abandon and then furiously backpedals when his behaviour is called out.

But they’ve always been a bit like this, they’ve always been a club which boasted “no-one likes us, we don’t care” but cried bitterly about how much the rest of football hates them.

And they thrive on trying to foster a siege mentality inside the walls.

For all the good it has done them over the last few years. Their club has gained very little from it all except a reputation for whinging.

Let them pin whatever they want on the dressing room wall.

It doesn’t help them when they have to go out onto the pitch and actually get results.

The Mooch got off to a winning start, but anyone who watched it knew that they were rocked by Hibs in the first half. If Aberdeen show up with the right intent, in front of a home crowd, who knows what might happen.

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  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    The officials will have been briefed by the brethren.
    A convincing win for the hun helped by Tavpen and the Visibly Artifice Referee

  • Johnny Green says:

    Just an observation and not a criticism, but James you must be vertically challenged if your think that Josip Juranovic is BIG at 5′-8″


      Yeah caught my attention as well. TV coverage at the World Corruption Cup saw him shoulder to shoulder with Lucas Modric while being dwarfed by Croatia’s back line.
      That’s his biggest challenge in the game. He’s too small for the fullback role. He should be an out and out wingback. More so with the current obsession of playing out from the back.

      • Johnny Green says:

        Taylor and Bernebei are even smaller at 5’7″, not near big enough to be proper defenders in my opinion.

    • Walter Chinstrap says:

      It’s tongue in cheek ffs

  • Johnny Green says:

    Hmm, sarcasm, for what purpose? A bit childish if it is.

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