The Hardest Part Of The Celtic Team To Pick Will Very Soon Be Our Back Four.

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Yuki Kobayashi has arrived at Celtic, and that poses a rather interesting question which the boss is going to have to ponder carefully; what is our best back four right now?

Almost from the first minute that Ange arrived at Celtic Park and started signing players all the arguments about the squad have raged about the front line and who our best starting diamond of four at the top of the pitch are.

It sometimes seems that there are as many permutations of that as Heinz has flavours. At the back we could be reasonably sure who was going to play in every game, all but for the occasional tweak at full-back.

Last season it was Starfelt and Carter Vickers.

This season it has largely been Carter Vickers and Jenz.

But that might all be about to change.

Yuki Kobayashi is at Celtic now, and he adds to our options there.

As it stands, if he is joined, as looks likely, by Alastair Johnson we will have three right backs, two left backs and five centre backs to choose from if Juranovic stays … and I think he might, at least until the summer.

So the question is now live; what exactly is Celtic’s best back four going to be? The manager has worked tirelessly to build us into a formidable unit at the top of the pitch and now he seems determined to do the same with the defence.

This is how a team evolves, and it is a pleasure to watch as this guy goes about this mammoth restructuring and rebuilding job. He has barely put a foot wrong so far and I am very excited to see Kobayashi and Johnson in this team of ours.

The question is, who plays with them? One would think Carter Vickers will be starting … but this side is so strong now in every department that you just don’t know.

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