The Ibrox Board Gets An Easy Ride As “Stormy” AGM Turns Into A Love In For The Mooch.

Image for The Ibrox Board Gets An Easy Ride As “Stormy” AGM Turns Into A Love In For The Mooch.

The Mooch got a standing ovation today at the Ibrox AGM.

He should have gotten two; one from the floor and the other from the board. He fulfilled his primary role quite brilliantly at that meeting; he gave the fans something to cheer and the board an easy ride.

I’ll go into some detail for a piece later on, but the board got a lot of softball questions and answered them deftly. They promoted The Mooch as the answer to all their problems, and he continued to talk big about the squad, telling the assembled throng that “85% of the team” were there when they won the title and that he feels, therefore, he “fits like a glove.”

Yeah, ask how that one worked out for the OJ Simpson prosecutors.

Amongst the subjects not tackled were the rash of litigations, the fine details of the Australia fiasco, anything about the club and the price fixing case which they lost and anything about future “investment.” The club claimed to want to keep Morelos and Kent and even suggested that they have received “offers” which they’ve turned down.

It was a blatant effort at dissembling, and there were some insults to the more aggressive questions thrown out there as well such as when Ross Wilson was described as “outstanding” at his job and he defended the club’s strange lack of Dutch signings by saying that he tried to sign a Dutch player and the deal broke down. It was all a bit strange.

One of the more bizarre moments came when Douglas Park (re-elected as expected) told Club 1872 that they would not be welcomed back to the fold unless “like everyone else” at the club they signed a non-disclosure agreement, surely one of the most ridiculous demands that has ever been levelled at a supporter’s organisation on this island.

There was much fanfare over a proposal to increase the capacity by a small amount as a response to their building a disabled fans section.

The sting in the tail is that the disabled fan section is costed and green-lit but the plan to add more seats to replace those being lost, and to bump the capacity up in a modest way, are neither costed nor signed off on properly … most have concluded that they will never see the light of day. Nor has talk of a “standing section” progressed much beyond the vague wish that has been outlined in previous years.

On the forums their fans are furious as they pick apart the statements for directors and from the manager both. Although the club got through the meeting because of a pitifully weak shareholder response, the answers haven’t satisfied many of the others.

I’ll talk more about some of the fine details later, but it went just as I thought it would and wrote last night; The Mooch gave them their bulletproof vest. For a while.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Why is he called The Mooch? I don’t see that one taking off to be honest.

    Micky Bellend sounds snappier to me.

  • John Copeland says:

    As I said yesterday ,there will lots of waffle and piffle said at their AGM , with a heavy sprinkling of BS ! How come nobody quizzed the board if the finances are in such rude health ,why does the clumpany need a £23million overdraft / loan facility ? Also I don’t want to be viewed as nitpicking ,but somebody might have got a couple of big thick telephone directories for wee Ross Wilson to sit on ! He looked minuscule……

  • Denis Burns says:

    I’m glad the board got an easy time at the meeting. That means that ” the powers that be” will remain as the’ hmm’ “powers that be.” Hope they continue their “sterling” work and I look forward to more litigations in the future. Whatever happened to the Ibrox band? Remember them? …and the band played on.

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