The Mooch Will Pay For His Disrespect Towards Celtic Yesterday.

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What a slippery little man The Mooch is. What a shady individual.

He’s been telling the Ibrox fans that the title race is still in their hands but now we get down to it he’s begging other teams to give them a hand and admitting that they’ll need that favour.

At the same time, he doesn’t want to use our name.

Some psychological mind-trick. Some piece of Jedi blah-blah-blah.

Actually, a mark of utter disrespect.

This joker talks tough but he’s already conceded!

He’s already passing the tin cup around, asking for favours, asking for some club to provide an act of charity, but he’s doing it with a sneer. Nobody wants to help a guy like that, or at least they don’t feel good about it. Even as he asks for favours he’s telling other clubs his team shouldn’t be losing to them … but they should beat us!

Did you notice how he’s gone from promising a title challenge to saying it’s important to “win a trophy”? That’s not what their fans were expecting, right?

Oh man, I think we’re going to enjoy this.

We’re going to enjoy watching this reign of error unravel.

He might not have a future in management but he’s already proving that he’s got something lined up later on in stand-up comedy because that’s what his presser was yesterday.

The more that comes out of his mouth the surer I am that the nickname I’ve given him is on the money. Because that’s how The Mooch blew it too; his big mouth wandering too far ahead of his brain. His own ego writing cheques his intellect couldn’t cash.

The Mooch talks sometimes like a guy with European Cups behind him. He has that swaggering confidence, as if he’s got nothing to prove.

And there are times when he talks exactly like what he is; someone scrabbling for purchase still, inexperienced, feeling like a pretender, still floundering in his insecurities and trying not to show them. If he understood that he comes off as arrogant, not confident, he might find some sympathy for that point of view … but I don’t really have any.

He’s going to pay a high price for the disrespect – even contempt – he showed us yesterday even as he was admitting that they’re going to need assistance to beat us, even as he was lowering the expectations of his club’s fans, even as he was frantically backtracking on all the trash-talking he’s spent the last fortnight on.

I have no sympathy, only a wish to see him crushed, and I have no doubt that in due course we’re going to.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Just a reminder that showin disrespect is nothin new tae him, on the back of the way he treated GVB. Here’s hopin we can put him in his place on the 2nd.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Guys been on the Moroccan Woodbine!! Fuk knows where this wee Oink gets his confidence fae, he’s dun Fuk Aw in Fitbaw! Prattling on about Goldhuns ‘HUGELY’ Successful period at the club.. Aye sure 2 in 12! I have no idea whit the Fuk these CLOWNS snort up their nose but by Fuk it must be some gear!! Hate every Fukin wan ae the FILTH but this Diks up there wae my most hated!! Cannot wait tae see this wee PRIK squirm after a few short Mths!!

  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    The media will always talk up the sevco manager and players but we are the best in Glasgow and it hurts them really badly and the mooch will go home with his tail between his legs

  • Seamus Campbell says:

    Chump is best ignored, treat him like the irrelevance he is. Meantime Celtic, just keep on keepin on.

  • Frankie says:

    What about KAA the snake out of jungle book or KAA the mooch he is a sleekit wee arse getting in among them when wee gio was in trouble imagine that rat at your back in the trenches no thanks.

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