The Mooch’s Comments On Glen Kamara Are Patently Absurd And Dangerous To Him

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The Mooch has said some truly desperate stuff since he rolled into Scotland, but yesterday he uttered some of the daftest words that he has so far when he criticised the clubs who are trying to sign Glen Kamara by telling them they aren’t good enough for him.

What kind of thing is that to say to potential suitors?

Is this guy a stone cold idiot or what? Who talks like this? The disrespect is colossal, and its damaging as well because if these clubs decide to walk away from the table who is there left at that club to flog?

Kamara is the one they have of moving someone out of the building, and as it just so happens that is there one hope of bringing in enough money that this clown has something to spend in the January window. Kamara, as I said yesterday, literally represents the last of the family silver for this club and if they cannot flog him then they have nothing left to sell.

Only a complete clown would deliberately insult the teams who are represent his own best hope of getting a transfer kitty. It makes you wonder if this guy is playing with a full deck.

Whenever someone rolls up over there and starts talking all the supremacist guff you wonder if there really is something in the water which drives people a bit mad, but this guy has always had a spark of arrogance, and a whopping dose of stupid about him.

Who but an idiot would talk about loyalty and integrity when he had already pledged to walk out on his current employer and head for Ibrox? Only a fool.

But then, that’s why I call this guy The Mooch, because he reminds me so much of Trump’s daft communications director, shooting his mouth off and annoying folk when he was still getting his feet under the table.

But seriously what kind of way is that to talk about clubs who are trying to buy your players? Kamara himself must be wondering what in God’s name The Mooch is up to, and I don’t imagine that he’s particularly happy about it either.

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  • Seppington says:

    Surely can’t be something in the water? They were stealing it from a Catholic church weren’t they? Hmm actually maybe that holy liquid is causing a reaction in their Satanic blood leading to this psychosis…? H2Oh-no for the scum and a big glass of continued banter years hilarity for us!

  • John A says:

    Who is going to pay any sort of large fee for kamara? I have never saw much in this guy

  • Martin says:

    Kamara is a decent player (note decent, not brilliant) and would do a lower end EPL level club quite well. 5-6 million seems fair.

  • himuptheroad says:

    Have you proof read this?


      James is always going on about SMSM standards and how the Churnalists manage to get their semi-literate copy past an Editor. He must have been in a real rush today as his own ‘Copy’ is spattered with typos and basic spelling errors.
      I don’t think James even reads our comments.

      • Seppington says:

        Though James generally writes interesting stuff his articles are usually filled with spelling and grammar errors. I think he reads the comments once in a blue moon so pointing them out is pretty futile…

  • Johnny Green says:

    He sees an opportunity to talk up his own Club at the expense of others and to also get him onside with his own support. He doesn’t have the intelligence to look any deeper than that.

  • harold shand says:

    He knows first hand when he was here before how the media suck the a*se of that club and knows he can come out with anything he wants

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