The One Ange Signing That Hasn’t Worked Out Might End In Celtic Moving Him On Next Month.

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Celtic’s forgotten Japanese, Yosuke Ideguchi, looks as if he’s on the brink of leaving the club in January.

According to the press, there are clubs back in Japan who are interested in taking him off our hands and we’re in the mood to do business.

Even the best managers get some signings wrong, and for this boy things just haven’t worked out as planned. It’s not that he’s a bad player – I don’t believe that he is – it’s just that he isn’t quite good enough to get into this side.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Ideguchi would probably get into every team in this league, including the one across the city, but right now there’s just no room for him and I don’t see that his position is going to improve any. He’s been unlucky, that’s all, and the very worst thing that can happen to now is to rot in our second string.

We are clearly looking to bring in some new players above and beyond those who’ve already arrived at the club, and Ange’s ruthlessness may come to the fore in moving on Juranovic.

He will not keep a player in the squad who isn’t going to contribute.

I feel bad for this lad.

He’s 26, which is too old to be going backwards and not playing every week. Indeed, he hasn’t played a single minute in the current campaign.

It’s not that we haven’t seen him at his best, we haven’t seen him at all.

The feeling now is that we’re probably not going to.

Maybe it’s British football; maybe it’s just not suited to him, because he wasn’t very impressive when he was at Leeds. Ange wanted to give him a chance. Ange obviously had faith in him.

But Ange is an unsentimental man. This is why he doesn’t get too chummy with the players in his charge. Because he might have to make decisions like this one day.

The bottom line here is that of all the signings the boss has made, this is the one that has worked out least well and he’s probably not prepared to wait any longer for it to change.

This club continues to evolve in the manner of Ange’s choosing, and that evolution will not be delayed or halted by anyone. Ideguchi was a player he knew and who he thought might do a job.

The swiftness with which he has concluded otherwise – remember, this guy was signed less than a year ago – shows what our manager is about.

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  • Coilean Boyle says:

    James, I think you are forgetting a very important factor here, the brutal attack on him at Alloa ,where the perpetrator was let of Scot-free by the ref, but was then sanctioned the next week (too late, as always, and of no help to us.) He was then out for weeks and weeks as he recovered and yiu could argue that he never recovered from that. I wonder if there is some lasting, physical damage to the lad – don’t forget he was a current Japanese internationalist when he arrived at Celtic Park.

    A victory for the brethern in my opinion. (And of course that was the same game where Callum was assaulted as well without any comeback at all!)

  • Martin says:

    Has he been missing through not being good enough? I thought he was out injured for a long while after Barry “I’m a serious manager” Fergus on told his players to break the legs of ours prw ibrox game.

    I’d like to see him play before judging.

  • Tony B says:

    Kicked off the park on the instruction of the ned Ferguson whose “in thur faces” mantra also led to a serious facial injury to our captain.

    The referee Don Robertson saw nothing wrong with both incidents/assaults.

    This is what we are up against, but Celtic needs to be more proactive re its duty of care to the players.

    As an afterthought, it is the acceptance of such thuggery by the football authorities that will insure Scotland will forever remain a football backwater, where genuine ball players and beautiful football are discouraged.

    • Roonsa says:

      I don’t think any style of football is being discouraged mate. I think a certain team flourishing is being discouraged.

  • Effarr says:

    Martin I`ll kneel seems to have a great opinion on “Barry”, even wanted to sign him. Mind you, like Dermot Desmond, he has an even better opinion on r4ngers: a fantastic organisation, or words to that effect. He even had Amoruso grown to 7 foot 10.

    What a crawler! Time he was away back to England and try and sell his “book” down there where he is most at home.
    I thought he would have had enough cash without having to sell his soul. He knows though, unlike Walker and Keevins, he will
    get the full support of the “punters”.

    He wasn`t so keen in answering questions at the AGMs than he is in talking to the bigots in this country.

    I, for one, don`t wish to listen to him talk about THEM being a “fantastic” club and Ferguson being a great player.

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