The Record’s CelticTV “Conspiracy Theory” Headline Is A Shameful Slur On Tom Boyd.

Image for The Record’s CelticTV “Conspiracy Theory” Headline Is A Shameful Slur On Tom Boyd.

I firmly believe that unless the presenters of Ibrox’s in-house TV show are waltzing around the studio up to their knees in fenian blood that nothing they say on there is really anybody else’s business.

They are in the media department, not the football department, and so can get away with things that other parts of the club cannot.

They are partisan. Christ sake, they ought to be.

What else do you expect on the official club channel? As long as they aren’t indulging in the old supremacist bigotry I generally could not give a hoot what it is they say and do on there.

But there is a section of our media – which works at The Daily Record, and which is personified by the individual named Mark Pirie – who thinks that it’s right to pass comment on what the likes of Tom Boyd say on ours.

The only people in Scotland who need to worry about what Boyd and others say on that channel are CelticTV’s own subscribers.

And I reckon most of them were pretty pleased with what they heard last night.

How dare Pirie or his rag of a newspaper stick up a headline accusing Boyd of peddling a conspiracy theory?

Their transcript of the conversation in question never once strays into that area of discourse.

He thinks there are legitimate questions for officials. He wants decisions to be properly explained. And as an ex-Celtic player he is fully entitled to note how many of them go against us.

Pirie has no business whatsoever bitching about any of it.

There are people in our news rooms who smell the stink in the air, the same one the rest of us do.

Perhaps they ignore it because it’s a stink that suits them. They are so desperate to see their team come out on top this season that they don’t care how it happens. But I think others are just yellow from the tips of their hair to the tips of their toes.

I am not saying Pirie is one of them, but to accuse Boyd of pushing conspiracy theories when all he’s doing is raising legitimate concerns and asking legitimate questions is like something swept from the floor of an Ibrox fan forum cellar.

Boyd is working on our channel.

He’s a club ambassador and a former captain.

He’s doing his damned job.

If Pirie and some of the other spineless wonders were focussed on doing theirs instead of indulging in this curtain twitching garbage, their own industry would be in a better state.

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  • Justshatered says:

    Making claims like this allows them NOT ask the questions themselves.
    Abada’s non goal last night is yet another strange decision where the referee didn’t seem to know the rules.
    Like the clown a few weeks ago that allowed the Ross County keeper to drop the ball in his possession and then pick it up again.
    Our media are a major part of the problem.
    They should be dragging Crawford Alan in front of a microphone to explain these decisions.
    After all he had no difficulty finding a program after Kyogo’s goal against Hearts in January.

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    Boycott games and keep your wallet in your pocket until Celtic grow a pair!

  • harold shand says:

    The Daily Record want to sell off all our players and Uncle Tom English reckons Ange will get bored and bolt

    Rattled ?

    You bet they are

  • Frankie says:

    Good on Tom Boyd, these questions need to be answered bad enough playing 11players and a ref, now we are playing11 player, 1ref and another one on var the refs in Scotland all absolute cheats

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ye only need tae look at the DR page on the web today. About 6 different headlines with different areas of negativity regardin Celtic, whether its the manager ‘unhappy’, or some players ‘unhappy’, the supports ‘unhappy’, havin a go at Tam Boyd etc. Along wi that, there’s the excited articles of how ‘positive minded’ and optimistic things seem at ibrox. Says it all. How ANY Celtic supporter can actually buy that bogroll is beyond me. Here’s hopin we can go there on the 2nd and utterly sicken them AGAIN. Dae it the right way.

  • Seamus McGonigle says:

    If Tom wants to comment on a better understanding of the decision making that’s fine. If he wants to question the authorities motivation for decision making, ie so-called conspiracy, that’s fine too. If he thinks or questions, like the rest of us, that there’s been jiggery pokery going on for a long long time then that’s up to him. Free speech is a human right, we don’t live in Russia.
    As for Perie’s baby moan well boo hoo who cares what he thinks. In all honesty I could barely tell you who the dr writers are. This rotten bigot journo and hater is best ignored as the irrelevance he is. What does surprise me is that there isn’t more loudly heard questioning of the cheating that goes on in this country from Celtic minded people, ex players, etc. Much more…

  • UlyssesGunt says:

    This site is easily accessible through Celtic News Now .
    You obviously must have some contact him / her / them …as this is where I , and probably most others , get a link to your blog .

    Can you please have a word with them , as they blatantly put up links to the “ Daily Retard “ , Glasgow Live “ and all the other anti Celtic publications/ blogs , and even Celtic blogs which peddle the myth of there being a “ Rangers “
    Rangers died … they are no more … therangers 2012 now play in the ground once used by the dead club , therangers 2012 have inherited the toxic bile that once followed the old club .

    Celtic News Now should know better , and stop following the Soup providers ..


      Spot on. A lot of our so called fans should know better.
      Don’t read the Rags or view the English Broadcasting Corp.
      Stop funding them. The rags are on their arses and their print circulation is
      circling the plug hole. Let them sink.
      The EBC is a Monarchist, Unionist, anti Scottish, sectarian bigoted mouthpiece.
      Don’t watch or pay their tax.

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