The Record’s “Ronaldo Offered To Celtic And Ibrox” Story Is Absolutely Desperate.

Image for The Record’s “Ronaldo Offered To Celtic And Ibrox” Story Is Absolutely Desperate.

Well, you think you’ve seen everything and then you read this headline, and the desperate article which followed it; “Cristiano Ronaldo ‘offered’ to Rangers and Celtic as Eintracht Frankfurt chief floats Champions League transfer theory.”

This appeared in The Record yesterday.

Good God, I thought, when I saw that. What in Christ’s name is this flannel we’re getting here? Are these people off their nuts or what?

And you want to know what the upshot of the story is? The Eintracht Frankfurt CEO said, in an off-cuff remark, that Ronaldo was offered to his club before the season started. “I have the feeling he was offered to every Champions League club.”

On that basis, The Record wrote that incredibly stupid and grossly misleading headline.

Have you ever read anything so empty of content?

It’s one of the most stupendous examples of a complete non-story I have ever seen and I’ve been doing this for a decade and for every day of it I have covered a media which has elevated nonsense to an art form.

Someone sent me this yesterday and I swear my jaw was on the floor.

The article itself knows this isn’t even a serious proposition; they point out that the inference of this story was that he would have been offered to Zagreb and Maccabi Haifa.

The writer is too much of a clown to recognise that the Champions League is actually a bigger competition than just “the 32 teams” who make up the Group Stages.

Does he think Cristiano Ronaldo was offered to the likes of Víkingur Reykjavík and Diddeleng of Luxembourg as well?

It’s just as likely than the allegedly serious point of the headline.

“It’s not known whether all 32 sides were offered the Portuguese international but so far there has only been one concrete link in Ronaldo’s services ahead of his next move,” this cerebrally challenged loon wrote, as if this was something more than a throwaway remark.

But ahem, yeah … we actually do know.

The whole premise of the story, based on an off-the-cuff rhetorical uttering is moon-howler territory but amazingly was deemed substantial enough to appear on the website of a national title.

Even The Daily Star would draw a line at that kind of stuff.

The Record has no standards, its “reporters” have no talent and its editors have no shame.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Maybe the ‘journalist’ was referring to the orginal Ronaldo?

    He could go to sevco, as he’s probably still trimmer than Morelos. 🙂

    The SMSM is good for a laugh.

  • Micky says:

    The moral of that particular story is to link the ibrox club to Ronaldo. Similar to the story in another publication about ‘former rangers target Messi’ wins world cup. Published in jest or not, it reeks of desperation. The BBC also mentioned Allan McGregor while the article was about Callum McGregor and his goal v Aberdeen. They are mortally wounded by their past and need this drivel to perpetuate their misplaced superiority complex. That club is a basket case that survives only due to directors funding it. We are miles ahead and by goodness it really hurts these ‘journalists’

  • John Copeland says:

    Was that a Daily Record ‘EXCLUSIVE ,’or an ‘according to a report ,’ number ….

  • Seamus McGonigle says:

    So more chat and advertising of the dr. no Celtic stories then?

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