The SFA’s Latest VAR Scandal Should Not Distract Celtic From The Real Problems.

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The press today is calling foul because of the way the SFA intends to use VAR in the Scottish Cup, and I have some sympathy with the view they are expressing.

To use it for only televised fixtures is an insult to the rest of the game. So what if it will cost a bit more? You cannot be selective with this stuff. If it works and brings up standards it should be used everywhere.

It’s a plan typical of the SFA, one that makes something brought in to improve decision making the preserve of a handful of clubs. No wonder people are in an uproar. Everything this association does reeks of amateur night. It’s a farce.

Still, we should not let any of this distract us from a simple truth; the SFA trying to save a few quid is not the primary problem with VAR and the way that it is implemented in this country. The problem is the people behind the cameras, the same people who have been making inexplicable decisions (except they aren’t are they?) for years.

Celtic needs to ignore the white noise over this latest ghastly reveal and keep the pressure up on the SFA where it belongs.

Of course, with Lawwell at the helm of the club that might not be something that there’s any real interest in doing; he famously announced that Celtic was happy with the leadership at the SFA the last time he was directly asked.

And perhaps he still is. Perhaps it suits him fine that VAR has been unleashed on us and that we’ve lost out on every major call, but it’s hard to see how it could. Because this stuff hasn’t hurt us yet, but it will, at some point, and even he has to take that seriously.

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  • Dinger says:

    V a r video advantage rangers

  • Pan says:

    They are not trying to save a few quid – they are being dishonest and trying to control the officiating of the games. The SFA is not, and never was, fit for purpose. The English Football Association is streets ahead of of them and much more trustworthy.

  • Paul says:

    If Peter Lawwell had publicly stated he’s happy with the leadership of the SFA, he should never have been offered the chairman role at our club.
    I am scunnered at the way those who run our club treat the fans.
    Lawwell should not be anyway bear the club, nor should his boy.

    • Brian says:

      There’s no if about it, did say that amongst other things, like the five way agreement.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      I was scunnered enough to chuck it Paul as a season ticket holder of many years… I’m afraid a Rory Bremner joke didn’t cut it for me – I still by merchandise as Sevco , The SFA and The SPFL can’t defraud me with financially like they did with my season tickets over many seasons…

      Well never again with me for sure !

  • John says:

    Lawell will turn a blind eye to anything in the sfa spfl, as they have him over a barrell with the 5 way agreement he never saw that was sent to him.

  • John Copeland says:

    Here in Scotland ,we have the 50 bob version of VAR ! Unfortunately ,we also have the 30 bob versions of Governing bodies attempting to organise our football . When I think of the SFA/SPFL , I automatically get the impression of a bowling club attitude to running our sport . Blazers ,badges , ties ,and of course the grip ! The most important bit ,the old brotherly hand shake ….. Scotland! The greatest wee country on god’s earth ….Sigh ….

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